How to Clean my Couch Without a Steam Cleaner

The couch is one of the most used items in the home. Think about it, it is used by everyone and various times of the day and for long stretches of time. It’s no wonder the coach gets so filthy after a while, but if you want to save some money on the cleaning costs and get similar end results, you should try these alternatives to steam cleaning your couch. 

Give it a Wash 

A steam cleaning service can be expensive and inconvenient. You not only have to find a quality steam cleaning service in your area, but you also have to find a good time for them to come round and steam clean your couch. You would have to be out of the house if you don’t want to deal with the commotion. 

One alternative is to DIY the problem, you can just give the cushions and covers a wash in the machine with a special detergent on a high heat. This should be enough to take the worst of the issue away but make sure you dry the cushion quickly and thoroughly or mildew will start to form. 

Try Spot Cleaning 

You know the scenario, your couch needs a clean by not enough to warrant the expense and inconvenience of a steam cleaning service. Perhaps later when you will get more value for money but as it stands the stains aren’t bad enough. But the stains are still there and you feel the urge to do something about them. 

The answer is spot cleaning. This is the practice of using a cloth or a cleaning brush with a special cleaning product on it. You can rub the cleaning product into the blotch or speckle and break it down gradually. With the right effort and the right cleaning product, you will notice a difference. 

Scrub it Out 

A steam cleaning service is excellent for cleaning a sofa and making it as good as near-new as possible. But hiring a steam cleaning service is expensive and isn’t always necessary. The truth is, you can get close to the same results using over-the-counter- cleaning products and your own efforts. Roll up your sleeves and get started. 

What you will need is a scrubber brush, couch cleaning liquid, water in a spray bottle, and plenty of time and space. Spray the surface of the couch entirely with the water-containing detergent or soap. Scrub the couch from top to bottom with the scrubber, then rinse. 

Use an Extracting Device 

Sometimes there is no other option than to get a steam cleaning service on board to make your couch look like new again; but before you search the Internet for a local steam cleaning service and spend your money, consider doing the job yourself using a dust extractor fan. 

In many ways, this works just like a steam cleaning service. Using water with some special soap or detergent in it, spray the couch entirely. Leave it to rest for ten minutes then use the dust extractor fan to remove the soapy water, this also removes the dirt and grime that’s ground into your couch.