How to Clean Your House Quickly: 5 Tips

For some people, cleaning is the most relaxing thing in the world. In fact, for them it’s something to look forward to every day of their lives: a satisfying activity they enjoy each and every time without fail.

For many others though, this couldn’t be further from truth — why not try a different kind of therapy?

The dust and dirt piles up around your home, but you don’t have the time to clean it. You might think that there is only one way to remove all of this filth from every nook in your house, but I’m here tell you otherwise! There are many quick ways for cleaning your space so let’s get started with vacuuming first.


Dusting may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it is necessary and can help prevent illness. Dust each room of your home including topsides of furniture, undersides of shelves, picture frames TV screens and knickknacks with a dry dust cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment that has been fitted with an appropriate filter; wetting these surfaces will make them harder to clean because water damages wood finishes such as varnishes.

Clean Furniture

As you clean your house, make sure to keep the bedding tidy. Shake out all blankets and pillows on each bed before rearranging them so they’re not bunched up in any one spot. Also vacuum around furniture with a hose attachment if necessary as well.

Clean Surface

Wiping down surfaces and disinfecting counters are two important steps to follow when you’re cleaning your home. They may seem like small chores, but they make a big difference in time spent scrubbing the kitchen floor or wiping off dust from shelves after vacuuming.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Soak the dirty dishes in soapy water, scrub and rinse clean. Wash down tubs with a good cleaner before spraying them to shine.


I’ll be sure not to forget those cabinets! I’m about done for now but my work is never finished; there’s always more dirt hiding around every corner of these buildings that need me out here on this job site just like you’re needed elsewhere too.

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