How to Deal with the End-to-End Encryption in WhatsApp

WhatsApp had a series of upgrades in the previous year, most of which concerns privacy. Its privacy update has made it stand apart from many other messaging apps in the market. One of the popular upgrades is End-to-End encryption. Well, this upgrade has been criticized by a lot of parents who are concerned about their kids. Also, some authorities targeted this latest upgrade of WhatsApp.

Besides, some people also appreciate this privacy update. Its appreciation can be analyzed from the active number of users of WhatsApp. Every day over a billion people use WhatsApp throughout the world. Most people use it for communicating with friends and family members. Further, some businesses use this app for their business communication. Even the WhatsApp group enables businesses to maintain internal communication.

Well, why not the businesses trust this app, when End-to-End encryption is active. Apart from the businesses, the parents’ concern is how they will know what messages their kids are receiving and sending when they cannot observe their communication. Certainly, ensuring the safety of children has become difficult with this latest privacy update. Indeed, authorities are unable to find the online predators that use WhatsApp, as well as the parents cannot find them.

Perhaps you should not worry about your kids, as there is a solution available, that we will explain later in this content. Before that, let us dive into some explanation of WhatsApp End-to-End encryption.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption:

End-to-End encryption is the privacy update of WhatsApp. This enables every communication to remains hidden. Whoever tries to hack into the WhatsApp communication will never be able to find what was discussed. Well, WhatsApp brought this update to keep away the hackers, corruptors, and even black sheep that want to play as an oppressor. None of them, and also WhatsApp cannot read any message or watch any content. The only people who can read and see are the users. That is all!

Well, as long as the privacy and safety of the user are concerned, the End-to-End encryption is a fantastic upgrade. But when it comes to the safety of kids and teens, this privacy update may not be helpful at all. Instead will make this difficult for the parents.

Undue Solicitation:

One of the bad things that are happening nowadays is a forced lead generation. Hackers load into the database of the network companies and get active numbers out from there. Further, they sell the leads to most of the outsourced contact centers. Along with that, the evil-minded hackers try to find the phone numbers of teen girls and kids. Further, some of the hackers post the numbers of teens and kids on various websites and make it easier for online predators to find them.

That is how strangers contact our kids. Though authorities can jump into this matter in the beginning and halt the process. But when it extends to WhatsApp no one has any authority left.

Later on, we learn that some stranger asked a friend’s daughter to send her unclothed photos, or some invited a kid to a drug party.

Indeed, the dangers are increasing day after day, and if we do not take any action, they may surely make it difficult for our kids as well as us.

OgyMogy: the Kids Guardian:

OgyMogy whatsapp spy app is a digital weapon for the parents to fight against the online predators who try to hurt their kids using WhatsApp. Well, the online predators may hide behind the End-to-End encryption, but OgyMogy reveals everything. It records the screen and shares it with the parents. Certainly, parents can read every message that their kids receive and send, along with the images and videos.

Ahead of that, OgyMogy enables parents to check the contact list, block the contact, and also limit the mobile use. Indeed, it has everything that you need to see what your kids are doing on WhatsApp.

You should also know that you can read the deleted messages on WhatsApp with the help of OgyMogy. As said OgyMogy records the screen. That means anything that was deleted on WhatsApp will be in the record of OgyMogy.

So, instead of remaining in the darkness and letting your kids become the prey of online predators, get OgyMogy and begin protecting your kids.

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