How To Find Best Prenatal Care Classes Near Me

Best Prenatal Care Classes Near Me

These prenatal care classes will help you prepare for your birthing experience and equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. The courses are organised by the Childbirth Education Association (CEA).

 This eight-part course, taught by a certified nurse, guides you through preparation for a drug-free birth and includes the latest research on water births, gentle C-sections and skin contact.

Learn more about pregnancy nutrition, natural cures for swelling and heartburn, placenta position and how exercise can affect your baby’s position.

Part of The Prenatal Care Class 

Part of this preparation is the preparation of a birth plan and the selection of the care options we offer. This pregnancy course is designed to guide you through the relaxation and comfort capabilities of labor, as well as the use of medication during labor. The course focuses on the different ways in which your birth partner can support you and takes you on a tour of our birth centre.     

It is fun, interactive and supports the idea that childbirth is a natural process. The course is taught by one of our providers, who will answer questions and provide information on how to deliver a child with a previous C-section. This course takes place on weekends on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

After Delivery Exercise

 After delivery, we regularly offer prenatal breastfeeding courses to help you prepare. During your stay, our lactation consultant will help you start breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have about how and when your baby will be born. After the birth she will pick you up in our clinic before you leave the hospital 

Visitors must follow our screening protocol, which includes checking temperature and filling out a symptom questionnaire before entering the hospital. Learn more about the screening protocol here. If you have any further questions, please contact the hospital where you are to provide further assistance.

Advance registration is required to give birth at one of our 9 Houston area hospitals. Find a free tour of your hospital or register online or call 713-222-CARE to register by phone. Please note that you must personally sign certain consents. Fill out an online pre-registration form at the hospital where you will give birth.

Start with your baby’s birth certificate, fill in the birth certificate worksheet and hand it in at the office. Find out more about birth certificates and the recognition of paternity here. We also offer courses for siblings and refresher courses for parents. To find a course near your hospital, register online or call 713-222-CARE to register by phone.

Look for Certified Educators 

 Look for classes taught by a certified child educator. The birth classes should be small (no more than eight to ten couples), facilitate discussions and facilitate personalized teaching. Be sure to ask for cost, location and schedule. A representative of your health insurance company can make suggestions. You can also contact parents who have already had a baby. 

For most pregnant women, this process can be overwhelming and joyful, whether they are in child labor or childbirth. Many women and their partners opt for birth courses to gather information and alleviate their fears. There are several different options from which to choose for the education of children. 

In an hour of birth, you have the opportunity to talk about your fears with others who share the same concerns. Learn things you never knew about labor, childbirth and postpartum care. You will find out how to recognize the signs of labor, what is happening in your body and how your baby will find its way into the world.  

Healthcare companies often have video content that describes baby care tasks and answers to postpartum questions. Advanced preparation is crucial if you are dealing with an infant who has breathing difficulties. Sign up for an online infant CPR course that teaches chest compression and mouth-to-mouth ventilation techniques. 

Enjoy live on-demand fitness classes in your living room in a friendly online atmosphere. We have teamed up with OBE Fitness to create a basic 10-minute prenatal yoga flow for you.

Floor Exercise – Prenatal

Mothers can do prenatal pelvic floor exercises or yoga before their baby makes its debut, or sign up for a postnatal strength course with Mum and me. 

The Family Room at Albany Parents Resource: A classroom and common room on Solano Avenue. Come and have a baby at the Oakland Parents Resource Center in Grand Lake: Oakland has every birth and newborn class you can imagine. Her birth preparation class consists of four sessions with free breastfeeding classes.  

Think of Robyn as a wellness database for prenatal and postnatal physicians. Through Robyn, you will find specialists trained during the perinatal period, including coulas, fitness coaches, pelvic floor therapists, psychologists, trainers, acupuncturists and others. Once you have completed the form, you will be able to access lessons for 24 hours free of charge.

Robyn also offers her own birth preparation courses and virtual courses for $49. These are courses that recognise that every path to parenthood is different.]

Basic course: $35 (includes downloadable ebook, workbook, email and a series of videos). Essential Course ($195 for 3 months) – Access 12 hours of videos and downloadable course manual. Course $245 for 7 months (access to all above meals) and Babyweare Basic Prenatal Fitness Cours

The courses at Shristi Foundation antenatal care are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. If you have federally sponsored health insurance, such as Medicaid, you can apply for a rebate. Take a look at the schedule and sign up for the courses on the website.


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