How to Host an Online Focus Group for Your New Product

Focus groups are an essential link between having a dream and making it a reality. They help bring ideas to fruition. 

If you’ve landed here, you know what focus groups are—an intimate group of consumers with a particular focus on discussing a specific product. As the business owner or investor, you ask a series of questions, gauging responses for strengths or weaknesses in your plan. You can even let participants try the item and see their reactions.

In the post-COVID world, we’ve transitioned to online focus groups. These act in much the same way as regular focus groups. They bring results that allow marketers and creators to measure the impact and success of a particular item.

However, there are some differences. If you’re wondering how to test your new product through an online focus group—but not sure how to make it efficient—we can help. Keep reading for some top tips borrowed from the experts.

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection and Video Conferencing Platform

When’s the worst time to make sure you like your video conferencing app?

Five minutes before you use it.

Instead, test it out with others in your crew before you go live, checking its quality, run time, etc. Go through possible bad scenarios in your head before the focus group begins. Make the process of joining the video as simple and obvious as possible, sending participants step-by-step instructions well in advance. 

As well as testing your internet connection, have your participants test theirs. If there are any issues, solve them preeminently. 

Understand the Goals of Your Online Focus Group

Some free platforms have time limits on how long you can video chat, demanding a structured conversation. Other paid platforms offer unlimited minutes, granting you some flexibility. By this step, you’ll have chosen the best one for your group.

Regardless of which you pick, make a clear outline of your intentions with this focus group. Write down questions you want to ask, topics you want to discuss, and more. Use your time wisely by keeping the focus group . . . focused.

Analyze the Results

Why are you having this online focus group in the first place?

To measure the results and analyze your participant’s reactions and opinions. You want to learn more about what diligent, critical consumers think of your product and how you can push it forward by improving it in some way.

To do so, you may want to consider recording the focus group, making it easier to look back on. With these recordings, you or a business partner can create transcripts. You’ll be able to reference your notes time and again this way.

With These Tips, Hosting Groups Will Be a Breeze

If you’ve hosted a focus group in the past, you’re in luck. To hold a successful online focus group, you’ll do almost everything the same—just online instead.

So, make sure you have a secure internet connection, a working platform, and conscientious consumers. The rest comes after the group has adjourned—studying and analyzing the results to push your product forward.

For more great tips like this, keep coming back often. We’re constantly updating our page with articles to make your job easier!


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