How to Incorporate Sculpture in Your Interior Design

Adding art is one of the most visceral things that you can introduce into your home. Without culture, human cannot separate itself from the animal kingdom. However, art is an essential part of our being, many homes still exist without a real commitment for incorporating artwork into the interior design. It is fascinating to know that art has the power to uplift moods in order to change the spirit of a room. Now, the days of classical paintings embellishing may be gone, but there are still a several of ways in which art transforms a home.

From illustrative art prints to digital art, sculpture to screen prints, art can complement as well as accentuate the existing interior aesthetic of the home by transcending design. Along with this, adding statue is a good to elevate your room, decorative artwork, paintings, conceptual works bridge the gap between art and design. 

Keep in consideration, artwork instills a fresh vibe to the home. The best thing about the artwork into your home is, it instils a fresh vibe into its aesthetic. Whether the building is centuries old, you can find interesting ways in order to embellish it with art. Adding a shelf to your living room upon that you can prop up artworks can change over time. However, adding a sculptural piece to the TV stand, can immediately transforms a space. 

It is not a guide through all the details of various kinds of artwork, rather the incredible advantages of art for the house and self. You know yourself the type of art that speaks to you. Gone are the days when sculptures were only be admired in museums or homes for the wealthy art collectors. Now, it’s time to make room for some beautiful art pieces. Sculptures in terms of interior design, we often see in magazines, rarely in the homes Why? The reason is, it has been noticed that a lot of people are afraid to incorporate sculptures in the home decor because they consider them too artsy. Sometimes, Lush and vibrant, rococo style also stands for luxury, and pieces that can quickly transform your home and add a dash of luxury to it.

At first glance, sculptures seem too pretentious for your regular interiors, let’s be real. There is no need to place a 6-foot statue in the middle of the living room; you can pick something small and cute that goes with everything else. We no longer live in the time where sculptures are only be admired in museums. Here is the best time to make room for beautiful pieces inside our own homes.

Bold and Contemporary 

People who are into minimal and contemporary style can go for abstract sculptures as well as bigger dimensions. Clean lines, matte or shinny surfaces, thin or thick, it is up to you as the offer is vast.

It is fascinating to know that a custom metal sculpture made up from copper or wire do wonders in terms of aesthetics. There is no need to be afraid of answering questions regarding the object’s meaning, it does not matter.

Mixing modern with classic 

A classical-looking marble sculpture is the best twist to a contemporary interior design. If you are not into abstract forms, go for a marble torso as well as a portrait in the Greek style. There is no need to use modern materials like metal or iron. A piece of marble or stone also adds warmth, and will be intrigued by that piece of art.

Generally, it is believed that certain animals bring luck, prosperity, as well as money. In many cultures, smaller/ bigger sculptures of elephants, lions, frogs, and turtles are very popular. However, one animal became particularly popular, that is flamingo bird.

Whether it is pink or metallic, the elegant flamingo goes well with everything. Moreover, it can be a nice pop of color.

If you are hesitant regarding the large sculptures and you still love that artsy vibe they bring into every space, start with smaller figurines as well as some statement pieces. Keep in consideration that not every sculpture has to be tall and wide in order to stand out. Sometimes smaller sculptures are more attractive and eye-catching.