How to Keep a Construction Site Safe for Everyone

Of the over 5,000 worker deaths per year, about one in five fatalities happen in the construction industry. That’s a sobering statistic and one that needs changing.

Are you a construction manager? You know that construction site safety is an important part of your job.

Here are some safety best practices to keep your workers safe on the construction site.

Have a Construction Site Safety Plan

You need a plan and system in place to reduce risk before the project starts. Don’t wait for an incident to implement a good site safety plan.

Get employee input and make sure all company owners are on board with the plan. Make the safety guidelines clear to all, including those whose first language may not be the language on site.

Ensure that all leaders and managers adhere to the safety rules. If they don’t stick to the rules, the other employees won’t either.

Conduct safety training for all employees that include safety best practices. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has lots of great resources.

Assess Construction Site Hazards

From cables and wires to dust and debris, there are lots of hazards on any construction site. Put some of your workers in charge of keeping the site clean on a daily basis. This includes getting debris into a roll off dumpster so workers can’t slip and fall on it.

Install temporary walls and ceilings to contain dust and other contaminants that cause lung and other health problems. Proper personal protective equipment is a must. Make sure all your workers know what type of equipment they need and when to wear it.

Conduct routine safety assessments on scaffolding and ladders to inspect for broken or missing parts. Incomplete stairwells are a common cause of falling accidents. Install temporary railings and keep stairwells free of debris.

The Biggest Construction Site Risk

Falling from heights is the leading cause of death for construction workers. Any employees working at height need special training. Any employee working higher than six feet needs fall protection equipment.

This includes fall-arrest equipment and special restraint systems. Never allow any worker to ascend a damaged ladder or scaffolding.

Electrical Safety on the Construction Site

Electrocution is also a common cause of worker injury and death on construction sites. Maintain safe distances from all overhead power transmission lines. Communicate the dangers of on-site electrical transformers and power due to flexible extension cords and power cables, especially in damp conditions.

Ensuring Construction Site Safety

Ensuring construction site safety should be the top priority for any construction company. Have a construction site safety plan and train all your workers in construction site safety protocols.

Assess construction site hazards daily and keep your sites free of unnecessary debris and other hazards. Always ensure that everyone uses the proper equipment for the job and that all equipment is in good working order.

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