How to Plan the Best Trip to Disney World

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The original Walt Disney World was built in 1955. Since then, over 750 million people have visited ‘the happiest place on earth.’

Most of us have either been, know someone who has been, or wish to visit Disney World ourselves. The smartest thing for any of us is to plan our trip before we actually arrive.

With an average of 58 million visitors each year, how are we supposed to get the most out of this fantastic place? Please keep reading for our guide on getting the most out of your trip to Disney World.

Research the Best Time for a Trip to Disney World

Disney World is open all year round, which means you have a choice on when you wish to visit. Of course, depending on the time of year will depend on how much you will pay for your park entrance.

Certain holiday times as Christmas or New years are a fantastic time to visit for the shows. For this reason, you will find yourself paying a lot more than if you visit during the off-season times.

The off-season times range from mid-January to early March. They then start again during late August and finish at the end of September.

If you visit Disney World during peak times, make sure to shop around before purchasing. Look to see if you can find discount vouchers online. Or enquire with the company you work for if they offer discounts to their employees.

Look Into Things to Do in Disney World

There are a plethora of things to do in Disney World. First, look over everything that the park offers. By doing this, you will end up with a list of things you don’t wish to miss out on.

Preplanning your route will ensure you won’t forget to visit anything before leaving. You can also look into all the free activities which the park has to offer.

Write a list of each destination and mark them on a map. Having a map with you will guide you to find your way to each place without getting lost and wasting time.

How Long Will Your Disney Vacation Be?

Are you planning a single-day visit, or will you be going for two or more days? If you are planning a lengthy stay, research the surrounding hotels.

If you book into a hotel quite far from the site, is there an accessible mode of transport between your hotel and the park? Are you able to purchase package tickets for this transport, or will you have to pay during each trip?

Plan to Stay at Disney

You will find that Disney World has a choice of themed hotels for you to stay at. These will either be on-site or offer a free shuttle bus that travels straight from the hotel to the park.

There is another option for those who are planning many trips throughout the year. You may wish to look into DVC.

DVC (Disney Vacation Club) is a Disney-run timeshare program. This is perfect for those avid visitors. Make sure to research the estimated timeline of these timeshares before your trip. The Disney Vacation Club is a one-of-a-kind timeshare program. DVC allows you to purchase points instead of buying a predetermined week that you must travel inside every year, but if your timeshare contract proves too expensive you might as well write a timeshare cancellation letter.

Prepurchase Your Tickets

Now you have worked out when you want to go, how long you want to stay, and what attractions you want to visit. It is now time to purchase the tickets or holiday package.

Doing this ahead of time gives you one less thing to worry about. It also means you won’t have to queue to purchase tickets at the park.

Another upside to prebooking your vacation is that for many days offers a discount. Each day you add on to your trip will drop the average day ticket price. But be warned, there will be options you may wish to avoid.

What Not to Purchase

Disney World is a business at the end of the day. Their main goal is to make as much money as they possibly can. With this in mind, think about what they offer which you won’t need to pay for.

Park Hopper Pass

If you plan to visit for a single day, you may be tempted to add the Park Hopper pass. However, doing this could add a considerable amount of money to your total. You may also notice that there are too many things to see in one day to make it worthwhile.

Why not look into adding an extra day to your trip. This will give you far more time to see everything while giving you the option to visit one park each day.

Character Meals

Everyone loves the idea of having a bite to eat and having a chat with a Disney character. But, if the price of this seems a bit steep, bear in mind that your favorite character is out in the park somewhere. So, find them and get your pic taken for free.

Food Plans

You will notice an addition of an all-inclusive food plan to your journey. You can do this, but you are also allowed to bring in your own food. If you are looking to save money, skip the plan.

Take Your Own Water

Fill your own water bottles and take a few in your backpack while traveling around the park. You can buy water bottles while you are there, but they can grow to become quite expensive.

Visit the Happiest Place on Earth

Plan your entire trip ahead of time to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of your key attractions.

Make sure you plan the best time for your trip to Disney World. Spend your money on the best stuff, don’t waste it.

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