How To Protect Your Furniture From Termite Attacks?

Termites are considered the most dangerous insects. So, they eat up and destroy your luxury furniture. To protect as they turn the wood into the dust which can lead to allergies. Moreover, you can’t control the termites if it happens for once. In addition, termites make their entry into homes through ceilings, walls, etc. Once they enter the home they settle in the damp locations.

 So, luxury furniture is important to take precautions to protect your wooden furniture from damage. Thus, you need to be extra careful in damp and monsoon weather. Lastly, no need to worry this guide is a complete package. It will help you in protecting your wooden furniture from creepy termite attacks.

So, let’s get started.

List Of Content:

  1. Use High-Quality Wood

  2. Must Apply Anti-Termite Chemicals

  3. Avoid Moisture

  4. Must Avoid Soil Contact With Furniture

  5. Use Termite-Resistant Polish 

  6. Some DIY Tips

  7. Buy Quality Wooden Luxury Furniture

  8. Conclusion

Use High-Quality Wood:

Always prefer using high-quality wood for your home furniture. Moreover, the wood must contain top-notch quality features like moisture resistance, fire-proof, and termite-resistant wood. In addition, the synthetic resin coverage protects the surface of furniture. They also depict high durability, resistance to damage.

 So, furniture made of Boiling water-resistant grade plywood is considered the safest option for your furniture. As they have high-end termite-proof and borer-proof features.

You can also prefer 0.7mm thick laminate liners for added termite resistance for your wooden furniture.

Must Apply Anti-Termite Chemicals:

You must apply any termite-resistant chemical on your furniture on and off. Moreover, there are many anti-termite chemicals in markets and wood preservatives. So, they make the wood surface dry in 7-8 hours and then apply a veneer or laminate finish. Thus, this provides high-end protection against creepy termites.

Moreover, prefer using herbal anti-termite chemicals. As they are odorless, eco-friendly, mild, and non-toxic.

Avoid Moisture:

Protect your wooden furniture from the humid and high moisture locations. Thus, the dark, damp, and humid places are termite-friendly. So, make sure to make your furniture soak up sun. And high moisture zones must be well ventilated. Moreover, the wet walls and any seeping in them can be termite welcoming. So, make sure the seepage in your must be corrected.

In addition, do regular cleaning with non-toxic mild wood cleaners. Don’t use wet or damp clothes or cleaners. Moreover, make your room, and furniture soak in sunlight to not get damp.

Must Avoid Soil Contact With Furniture:

Don’t let your wooden furniture be in any soil or mud contact. Moreover, avoid placing your furniture directly in your garden or soil place. As the soil contact makes termite flow indirectly into your wooden furniture. And ultimately creep it to the scary death of furniture.

Use Termite-Resistant Polish:

Prefer regular care and cleaning of wooden furniture. So, you just need to polish and paint your furniture items with termite-resistant polishes/paints. Moreover, prefer using Oil-based varnishes on the furniture surfaces. It gives fine protection against termites.

 In addition, there are even some high-quality polishes for furniture. Which gives a very tough and super glossy coat. So, this will protect and preserve your wooden furniture and make it last for decades.

 Some DIY Tips:

Here are some nifty DIY tips to protect your furniture from Evil Termites. 

  • Sunlight works are natural sanitizers. So, it will help in destroying any termite infestation. Moreover, it will also protect your furniture from any termite attack too.


  • Use Boric Acid as it helps in controlling and killing termites. So, you can spray the borax solution on the termite-affected furniture. Either can paste the thick paste on furniture joints. 

Solution methods:

1 teaspoon of Borax powder.

250mm of hot water.

Mix it well and spray the solution on your furniture items.

Apply natural Aloe-vera juice. So, make the juice by extracting the gel from the whole leaf and soak it in water. Thus, apply this whole gel-like solution to your furniture. It provides insulation. So, no termite can breach the furniture surface.

Buy Quality Wooden Luxury Furniture:

If you want to update your home with some Quality Luxury Furniture. So, you must be hunting for premium quality wooden furniture. Thus, Loda Furniture Selling likely, durable, and divine furniture designs. Moreover, with the high-end quality, they also provide pocket-friendly prices and durable furniture.


So, wrapping up the above most useful article on the wooden furniture protection against termites. Termites are the worst enemy of wooden items either furniture, decor, or cabinets. Thus, you need to take proper care to avoid its attacks in your home. If the termite gets into your furniture they will destroy it to dust. So, you need to be extra active to take the above measures. Prefer using Anti-termite polishes, and chemicals. 

You must buy termite-resistant luxury furniture to style in your home. Make sure to sun soak and cross air your furniture and room each. So, there are multiple DIY hacks to avoid a termite infestation in your wooden furniture. And also great tips to kill them to death. Here it’s all from this article.