How To Register For A Marijuana Growers License In Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)  announced the rules required to legally grow cannabis in Oklahoma for sale as medical marijuana. The OMMA is responsible for issuing licenses to grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma, and the agency’s rules help clarify requirements for obtaining a license. The OMMA has been working with law enforcement, lawmakers, and stakeholders to develop rules that strike a balance between patient access and public safety.

If you’re a marijuana business owner in Oklahoma, you will be required to hire a skilled marijuana business attorney to help ensure that your grow operation is in compliance with OMMA rules. OMMA can seem like a complex maze of rules and regulations. A business attorney will help you navigate the rules and regulations, keeping your valuable operation in compliance at all times. There are many factors that go into the compliance process.

Understanding Grower License Requirements

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (“OMMA”) is responsible for regulating the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, including growers, processors, dispensaries, and physicians

A commercial license is required for any business that sells or transfers medical marijuana, including growers and processors. Commercial growers who sell or transfer all of their products to a licensed processor and do not sell medical marijuana directly to dispensaries will only need a “medical marijuana business” license.

OMMA growers are required to obtain a license from the state or tribe where they are located. A grower license is valid for twelve months and must be renewed annually under OMMA rules.

Medical marijuana growers in Oklahoma that want to comply with the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) must be aware of their annual renewal requirements. The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control – Drug Testing Division is responsible for renewing medical marijuana growers licenses in Oklahoma.

A medical marijuana growers license attorney can provide advice on complying with the state’s annual renewal process for growers’ licenses. During the renewal process, the state requires that a medical marijuana growers license attorney or consultant assist you in ensuring that all pertinent OMMA rules are followed.

An Evaluation for Grower Licenses

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) issued a statement reminding potential medical marijuana business applicants that all business officers and growers must be disclosed and go through a criminal background check and residency confirmation to ensure the integrity of the program.

In an effort to protect the integrity of the state’s medical-marijuana program, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has implemented a new rule requiring all commercial marijuana grower license applicants to disclose the identity of investors in their business. In addition, the applicants must confirm that each investor meets the residency requirements for a grower license.

Medical marijuana growers are required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) for each location that medical marijuana is grown or stored. The purpose of the certificate is to verify that an applicant or licensee has met all municipal inspection requirements for their specific location.

Growers and dispensary owners who wish to start handling medical marijuana will need to get registered with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD) first in order to do so.

A person who holds a license as a grower may apply for a transporter license. A person who holds a transporter license may apply for a marijuana establishment agent license to work at a marijuana establishment as an agent of the licensed transporter.

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