How to Repair Rust Damage to Windows?

Have you ever wondered how you can remove rust from your metal windows? Or how to repair a window frame that has been damaged due to rust?

If the rust is severe, you may need professional help from experts like Crittall Windows in UK many cases, you can tackle it yourself. In this post, we will explain how to do it.

Steps to Repair a Rusty Window

It is important that you follow these steps for long-lasting and reliable results.

Scrape, Sand and Clean

The first thing to do is to remove the old paint from the window frame by scraping. For this, you can do it with a spatula. There are spatulas of various sizes, but it is important that it is narrow and has a reduced thickness. This will make it easier to remove the paint adhering to the frame.

Your goal is to remove any trace of paint, and not just paint but anything that interferes with your work. It might be rust, putty or silicone on the frame.

Use a sander to remove surface rust from the window, if possible.

Once all the paint is removed, or at least most of it, clean the window well. Remember to use a brush or vacuum to remove paint chips and dust.

Fill the Gaps with Fibreglass

Fibreglass is a material with numerous polymeric filaments, which has different commercial presentations. It is a dangerous product, so it must be used with care.

It is important to protect yourself with a mask, gloves and glasses when you carry out this type of work.

To repair holes caused by rust you will need fibreglass paste and sheets or cloths. Both products are required. Cut out the sheets of fibreglass with scissors and carefully insert the pieces into the holes. You have to leave them well inserted so that they stand out as little as possible.

Mixing the Paste

Next, you will use the fibreglass paste. It often comes in a can with two components. The larger can contains the fibreglass putty, which has a greyish and fibrous hue. A small tube of pink liquid comes with the can. This tube is a hardener. You will have to mix both components quickly and apply it without delay. Both components have strong and pungent odour.

Apply the mixture of both components over the holes, covered with the fibreglass sheets, with a flexible trowel. The idea is that when the putty is in contact with the fibre cloth, it becomes hard as a stone. Spread the mixture over and
[pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] around the holes. It doesn’t matter if you spread it unevenly, you can rectify it with the sander.

Drying takes a few hours, better to wait a full day. When it is completely dry, sand it super well so that it is smooth and without visible imperfections.

Repeat the Operation

From experience, it does not usually look good with only one application. You can add a new layer or a third layer of fibreglass paste if necessary.

Let it dry again and sand the surface. After two coats of fibreglass, you will hardly notice that there were holes in the window.

You Can Paint Now

Once you have repaired your window, you can paint it. You may need to use a primer and several coats of paint. Be sure to use weather-proof paint on the exterior.