How to Trade Gift Cards for Cash on Cardvest

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Gift cards trading in Nigeria is a way to make some extra cash. However, like most other financial transactions, there is so much scam and fraud in peer-to-peer systems. Hence, the need for a trusted website or app where you can exchange gift cards for cash. Unfortunately, there are several such websites out there. Therefore, it isn’t easy to pick the best one.

From research, we’ve determined that Cardvest is the best gift card trading app in Nigeria. In this brief article, we’ll intimate you with why Cardvest is the best and how you can get started with trading.

What Does Cardvest Offer?

Cardvest is one of the many companies that buy gift cards from users. The aim of such systems is simple; to make it easy for you to make money from your gift cards. However, these various companies have varying standards, and Cardvest certainly stands out. Here are the unique offerings of Cardvest.

Best Rates

If you’ve been selling to Chinese all these while, but you’ve run into some scams, consider using Cardvest. Cardvest offers you at least the same rate you get with Chinese merchants. In addition, the rates they offer are above the average of other platforms.

If you want to maximize profit with any gift card you have, Cardvest is the app you should get. You can either trade directly on their website or download their app. The steps to selling your gift cards at the best rates are easy.

Fast Payment

When you sell your gift card to them, you need to drop your bank account details, and you’ll get an instant credit alert. Then, you don’t have to wait for hours or days before getting your cash. Also, you don’t have to worry about conversion, as you’ll get your money in local currency.

They offer great support.

No online system is infallible; something can go wrong at any time, which isn’t the company’s fault. However, if ever that happens while using Cardvest, you can ensure that the company won’t forsake you. Cardvest has a dedicated support team that’ll cater to your needs and inquiries instantly.

Multiple Gift Cards Support

Cardvest’s system supports several common gift cards. You can always check if the website supports the gift card you have before proceeding.

The Steps to Trading Gift Cards on Cardvest

Getting started on the Cardvest platform is very intuitive. You don’t have to take any tutorial to use either their website or app.

Log on to the Website

If you don’t have the app, type in Cardvest.ng in your browser. Based on your internet connection, the website will load fast. On the website, you can see the direct link to downloading the app. You can also easily access any functionality from the website.

Click on “Trade Card”

When you want to sell a gift card for cash, click on the ‘Trade card’ button. Clicking on this button lands you on a new webpage. You’ll need to create an account on the new web page or log in if you already have an account.

Fill in the necessary information, then click on ‘Create an account.’

Submit Gift Cards Details

Upon creating an account, the system takes you directly to a web page asking for your gift card details. Enter the details and also upload the card’s picture. Then click on ‘Place Order.’ Always ensure that the image you upload completes properly.

If all details are properly filled in, clicking through will take you to a success page where you get to enter bank account details.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trading Gift Cards on Cardvest

Do I need Card Details to Get My Money?

No, Cardvest.ng won’t ask you for your debit card details. All you need to get your money after each transaction is your bank name and bank account number. A platform that asks for your credit card information is certainly not Cardvest.

How Can I Know the Rate of the Card?

Before you sell gift cards for cash, you can check the rate on Cardvest. On this link, you’ll enter the amount and type of Gift Cards you want to sell. Then, it will show you the rate.

How Can I Download the App?

You can find the app, for now, on Google Playstore.


Cardvest is the best platform to trade gift cards in Nigeria, as they offer the best rates while also ensure secure and fast transactions per time. Do you need to redeem gift cards for cash urgently? Visit Cardvest.ng.