Importance of email list validation service

What is email validation?

Email list validation is a process that verifies if an email address is valid or deliverable. It runs various procedures that help catch typos, whether they are honest mistakes or mistakes done on purpose. Email validation is a service that helps us to identify spam emails and another email detects. It can also confirm if a particular email address exists with a reliable domain like google and yahoo. Email validation uses a 3rd party’s data that helps us confirm if an email address is valid or not.

Email validation also helps the user identify if the email will be a bounce or not by analyzing the email list validation service’s data. 

To conclude, email list validation helps clean up your inbox, which improves deliverability that ultimately helps in reaching your customers.

Why do you need an email list validation service?

Bulk Email Verification Software helps to validate email list that leads to verifying the email list for invalid emails, spam traps, and other aspects like email bouncing back. It can help you separate your emails into two groups: a high-value address and a low-quality address like spams. All high-value email addresses would be valid, which means not only they exist with a trustworthy domain but are also error-free. 

It will also decrease the chance of email bouncing risk. Your email list validation service can help you determine the chances of bounce by helping you determine if the email address is either valid or not.

If you validate your email list, it will allow you to suppress invalid emails from your sending, cleaning your subscriber’s list to improve your reputation as a sender.

Email list validation will help you take your inbox to the next level.

 Here are some points that indicate the importance of email list validation service:

  • Lower bounce rates

Cleaning your email list with an email list validation service can eliminate invalid email addresses, spam traps that can lead to only mailing to valid email addresses, and ultimately having a clean email list that will help you keep your bounce rate in check.

If your bounce rate grows, it will ultimately result in your sender’s reputation going downfall. Once you cross the line, it will result in your account getting blacklisted.

  • Protects sender’s reputation 

Your sender’s reputation depends on several things such as bounce rate, deliverability, number of spam reports, etc. Sending emails to fake emails or invalid emails or spam traps can seriously hurt your sender’s reputation, and this will affect you long term. Keeping your email list healthy and invalid state can keep bounces rates as well as complaints in check. Having your email list validation service work consistently can help maintain a high sender’s reputation, and it will also avoid blacklisting.

  • Helps to keep your email list valid 

Nearly 30% of emails in your list becomes invalid without any of your faults. People often change companies, or they deactivate one email to create a new one, or they found a new email provider; in this way, your email list becomes obsolete. This will lead to about a 30% bounce rate to affecting your sender reputation. If you invest in an email list validation service, it will help you scan your email list, determine which emails are valid and Email List Checker. Running your list through an email validation service can help you remove harmful addresses and results in sending out emails to the only valid email address on your list. By cleaning your email list, you avoid sending out emails to such addresses that are no longer valid or are spam; this will help you reach your potential clients and not waste your time on email addresses that no longer exist.