Important Questions To Ask Before Doing Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding gowns do not come cheap, and it’s too sentimental to be sold or given away. This is the reason why some brides preserve their wedding gowns so that they could hopefully pass them down to their children, and possibly their grandchildren, too.

Before you contact a company to preserve your gown, it is important to do your research. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a few questions and brief answers about wedding gown preservation:

Where can I preserve my wedding gown?

Many companies offer wedding gown preservation services. Other companies, such as the affordable presentation company, makes it so convenient for brides to have their dresses preserved. They send a shipping kit to the bride, the bride ships the wedding dress back to the company. As soon as the dress is shipped, the bride just has to wait for the gown to be preserved and then delivered back to her in just a few weeks.

Does the cleaning company specialize in wedding dress preservation?

Always inquire with the companies who preserve wedding gowns if they specialize in cleaning and preserving wedding dress. If their answer is yes, then you can be assured that they have the right solvent, tools, and processes to handle the delicate materials of your wedding gown.

Does the company keep the wedding gowns in a securely sealed box?

Boxes need to be sealed shut properly to avoid any moisture, insects, and other elements from entering the box and ruining your dress. These factors can ruin the dress overtime. To make sure that the wedding gowns stay untouched and unbothered for long periods, some companies vacuum out the oxygen and moisture from the box and then seal the box with nitrogen.

How much does it cost? Do not seal a deal without knowing the price of a service

Ask if the price of the service varies depending on the size and weight of the dress, or if there are any hidden charges. Also, if the company requires you to ship the dress to them, ask them how much the shipping fee would cost. If there are any special ways to seal the box and prevent any environmental factors from creeping in and ruining the dress, ask the company how much that would cost, too.

Lastly, when wedding gowns require special attention and handling, this may usually result in an even bigger price tag. Do not hesitate to ask the cleaning company as many questions as you want to.

Do you offer insurance on my wedding gown?

Ask the company if they offer any insurance for the dress, just in case something goes wrong, such as if the gown gets torn or discolored during the cleaning process. Most wedding dress cleaning and preservation companies offer insurance for the gown.

However, some cleaners refuse. No matter how affordable the cleaner is, if they can’t offer insurance for your dress, this could be a clear indication that they’re not confident in their job. It’s wiser to just take the dress to another cleaner who might be a little bit on the pricier side but can do their job well.

Here’s a pro tip for all the brides who are planning to have their wedding dresses preserved: do not base your trust solely on the words of the company. It is also important to do your research before you call them. Go to their websites or social media accounts and check how good their reviews are. Advertisement through word of mouth is also good.

You can ask your friends if any of them have tried having their wedding gowns preserved, ask if they could give any recommendations, and then start your research from there. Most importantly, the cleaners must do a really good job in preserving wedding dresses because that would determine how long the dress could be passed down in the family.