Improving Student Motivation

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Every student has some dreams and some passions to accomplish, and to accomplish them, students need motivation so that with all their efforts and power, they can do the best in order to achieve or their goals. But talking about motivation, it is not very easy to stay motivated and accomplish the goals of life. It takes some hard work and effort to stay motivated because usually a small failure diminishes the will to fight back and it happens in the students a lot usually. 

The whole history becomes useless if reading it doesn’t make the reader motivated. Motivation in students doesn’t come so easily, it needs a powerful message from any source, it doesn’t matter from a book, a video or a speech. Motivation is the essential factor of success for all the students in all the stages of life and teachers play an essential role. 

It is just like software for school management which plays a vital role in school management these days. As software for school management provides all the departments of the school a boost up to work in the same ways, motivation to the students provides them with the zeal to stay focused on their academic goals. Sometimes happens that very well-educated tutors are not able to keep the students on track and they are not able to make the students stay motivated towards their career and goals so let’s discuss how the students can be made motivated and how improvement can be done in the motivation of the students.

Tutors can do a lot of magic in the world of students, and one of those magics is to make the students control the happenings in their life. When a tutor provides the students’ guidance, then he or she should keep this in mind that they should give them control over the decisions and happenings in their academic life. 

Such as, making the students choose any of the activities in the school they wish to participate in and give them the sense of control which can motivate them to perform well in the activities they choose. 

Students can usually be seen as frustrated and irritated, which spoils the whole year of the students. That is why it is necessary that at the beginning of the year, students should be clear about their objectives, rules and expectations so that they can set their goals and put their efforts in order to achieve it. Institute ERP of almost every educational institution always focuses on providing a safe and threat-free environment to the students, and that is why institute ERP concentrates on tutors to make a safe, supportive and affirmative environment for the students. It is so because students stay motivated more in a safe and protected environment where no tutor or anyone else can harm them.

Kids are normal human beings who get motivated and unmotivated with the effect of small things such as they can be demotivated by just the sitting arrangement. Daily sitting in the same place, on the same bench and in the same directions makes the students feel bored, so tutors need to change the location of benches and look of the class too so that something can bring the motivation in the students again or at least sitting arrangements can be changed so that all the students can mingle with each other. 

Students can be given some positive competitions like earning the most marks and get the monitor’s position which will make the students work harder to become the monitor of the class, but they won’t have feelings from each other and in this way, it will be a positive competition. Students should be given some responsibilities of the classroom like to maintain the ink and marker stock on the class and keep the black/white board clean or class and benches should be neat and clean and in an arranged order etc. These responsibilities will make students motivated toward their class and school as well as their academic life. 

The tutor needs to make the students work in a team with the help of any projector assignments. This will make them motivated to stick together in order to perform the best in the form of a team and the tutor should never forget to appreciate the efforts of the students because appreciation is the biggest motivation on the earth.

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