Information – Replacement Water Filter Cartridges Guide

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Here we have this replacement water filter cartridge guide for our readers. We have managed to add all minor and major details in this information guide.

You might have known that water filter replacement has become one of the crucial parts of the water filter system’s cleaning and maintenance program.

If you have installed a water filter plant in your home or office, then it is a must for you to replace its filter cartridges as well.

As soon as your water filters reach their end service life or no longer, you should get a new set of filter cartridges.

Most importantly, when filter cartridges start to become saturated with lots of pollutants and contaminants, it means they will eventually lose their filtration efficiency.

And that is the major sign you need a filter cartridge replacement job!

How Often Should You Replace Your Water Filter Cartridges?

Replace Your Water Filter Cartridges

You must replace your water filter cartridges after a time frame of 3 months to 36 months.

This is the maximum and average lifespan showcased by filter cartridges.

Once this duration gets passed, then you need to replace the water filter cartridge as soon as possible. You can have a look at the best replacement water filters cartridges options and get in hand the best option.

How To Replace Water Filter Cartridges?

It remains recommended to replace your water filter cartridges by seeking assistance from a professional. If you are not aware of the filter replacement technique, then you can either hire an expert or read out the user manual.

Is It Possible To Clean And Reuse Water Filter Cartridges?

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It is not at all suggested to reuse your water filter cartridges. Once they become saturated with a maximum number of contaminants, then instead of replacing them, get a new set for yourself.

On the other hand, there are a few filter cartridges that work on a washable technique and you can reuse them for sure.

Types Of  Water Filter Cartridges :

Carbon Cartridges:

Carbon cartridges are the kind of water filter cartridges that help you remove unwanted taste and odor from your water.

There are a few of the carbon cartridges that even manage to remove lead present in water.

RO Cartridge Kits And Carbon Block Replacement Filter Cartridges:

You can see that these are the kind of replacement cartridges that run and function on reverse osmosis systems.

Furthermore, carbon block replacement filter cartridges eliminate all possible amounts of chlorine and odor from your drinking water.

Sediment Cartridges:

The use of sediment cartridges is increasing day by day. They are made in a way to remove and take off all dirt from your water. You can have these filter cartridges in lots of micron sizes and styles.

Pleated Filters:

Moving on to these pleated filters! They come with a longer life and these filter cartridges remain reusable and washable.

String Wound Cartridges:

They are designed in a way for effectively removing the rust and dust from your drinking water. These kinds of filter cartridges have been rated and marked at temperatures up to the range of 125 °F.

In addition, they show polypropylene construction and deliver excellent chemical resistance properties.


So, what’s the bottom line? You have received enough information on the water filter cartridges.

You can share with us your experience if you have ever replaced a filter cartridge and what kind of water filter cartridges you use!

No doubt, these filter cartridges have become the heart and important part of any water filter. It is these cartridges that make sure that your water filter system works up to the required standards.

In addition, when you see that your filter cartridges are not working properly, and they have become saturated, then replace them with a new and high-quality set.

Using saturated and expired filter cartridges may negatively impact the quality and performance of your water filter system. Stay tuned with us.