Insurance Content Marketing: Professional Strategies To Follow Today

Insurance Content marketing can be boring. It can seem boring to some people. It can even be a turnoff for them. In my opinion, it should not be!

Your insurance content marketing strategy can be transformed into an engaging and efficient digital campaign with a bit of effort. Among the benefits of content marketing are improved conversions and increased brand loyalty. The two of these have a striking impact on your bottom line.

Having trouble deciding where to begin? Here are seven simple examples of Insurance content marketing strategies you can use to improve your content strategies and convert organic traffic from insurance websites.

Create A Brand Personality That Stands Out

In developing a content strategy for insurance companies, they often run into the boredom factor. Honestly, it isn’t the sexiest topic. Car insurance articles are unlikely to draw clicks, and on top of that, you have a whole host of misconceptions that need to be dispelled.

You are fortunate that the brand strategists of popular insurance companies have already laid some foundations for your content strategy. Prior to the existence of content marketing, insurance giants explored how brand voices and personalities fit into the insurance world. It’s rare to find boring personalities and mascots for major insurance brands.

By normalizing the idea that insurance companies aren’t there to wear suits and spout facts to their customers, insurance companies established themselves as a sector which doesn’t care about it.

The objective of the company is to provide customers with a nontraditional, multifaceted, supportive approach to solving their problems. Content strategists need to keep pushing things in the right direction to address this dramatic narrative shift.

If you have a global brand personality, you can generate a wealth of content ideas united by the same ethos.

Fixing Problems 

It is your company’s experts who can guide customers through a world that can seem inaccessible and ever-shifting to the average person. Provide your customers with information that will empower them.

It is important to teach the rules of the game to people who believe insurance is a game that always favors the house. With Progressive Answers, Progressive offers a resource section to answer real customer questions and demystify insurance.

As with useful content, it does not need to directly pertain to insurance so long as it covers relevant topics your audience will enjoy. Blog posts about DIYs were highly engaging.

But why? I appreciated the fact that company did not push an agenda on its users. It also includes posts on related topics, like “How to Clean Bugs off Your Car” and “How to Parallel Park Your Car perfectly.”

If you provide content that truly helps your audience, they’ll trust that you’re there to help.

Share Your Stories

Do you know why everyone loves Farmers Insurance commercials? Their stories about how they helped people to get out of messes are often hilarious, sometimes jaw-dropping, other times simply unbelievable. Farmers’ tagline “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen one or two” shows a person that indeed, a car landed on their house and Farmers HAS actually covered it!

There is power in stories. A Farmer’s website even features a Hall of Claims where you can see some of their wildest stories.

Insurance companies have realized the power of telling customer stories in their own voice and tone. As an example, MetLife, Oscar, and USAA all have YouTube series that showcase their customers’ stories.

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Strategically Partner With Others

Your association with top brands can create a lasting impression on your audience. Develop strategic partnerships with experts in relevant fields so that you can co-produce awesome content

In addition to this Winter Home Checklist, Progressive also provides specific home-related tips through their partnership. The company offers experts in a wide range of fields, including pet insurance, interior design, and automotive repair.

The site offers advice on how to master different topics related to homes and cars, such as increasing their value.

Concluding Thoughts

By providing an answer to a prospect’s problem-driven query, you’ve created a positive, highly personal, and memorable experience for the prospect. The reading experience is passive. So establishing brand awareness might take more articles and posts than one well executed tool can. You may have to write dozens of articles to reach the same engagement level.

All good content strategies follow a simple truth. For insurance companies, providing solutions free of agenda is the key to earning their trust.