Kamia Harris – Australian Psychologist in Canberra, Australia

Kamia Harris is an Australian Psychologist

  1. Australian Psychologist Kamia Harris is a registered therapist.
  2. She is a psychologist in private practice in Canberra, Australia.
  3. Kamia has worked in the mental health care industry for over 18 years.
  4. She has trained in several areas of psychology, including counselling, critical incident response, organisational training, and advisory roles.
  5. She also has a strong interest in the areas of neuroscience and positive psychology.
  6. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

kamia harris

Australian Psychologist

As an Australian Psychologist, you may be a bit confused about her title and background. But, she is a well-respected psychologist. She has studied under renowned psychologists and won several prestigious awards, including the Royal Australasian Psychological Society’s (AAPS) Gold Medal. Kamia Harris, a Sydney-based psychologist, is a former RAAF officer. She now works at the Australian Institute of Sport as the DFPO’s chief psychologist.

ARTC Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) Kapooka

LTCOL Kamia Harris travelled to ARTC in Kapooka in December 2010 as a visiting psychologist. She was accompanied by CAPT Andrew Moss and MAJ Margaret Goodman, officers commanding the psychology support section of the ARTC, and LTCOL James McTavish, chief of staff at ARTC headquarters. She also met with the Commanding Officer 4RAR, the Executive Officer, the Medical Officer and the Psychology Office.

Other participants in the meeting included: COL Anthony Cotton, former Director of Defence Psychiatry Organisation, LTGEN Kenneth Gillespie, RADM Graeme Shirtley, Surgeon General of the Defence Health Reserves, and CMDR Scott Craig, Executive Officer of HMAS Cerberus.

DFPO conference at the Australian Institute of Sport

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has recently held a DFPO conference to discuss the role of sport in the prevention of COVID-19. The AIS Framework is based on the latest scientific evidence and has been extrapolated to the sporting context. The DFPO should be the overriding priority for all organisations involved in sport, ensuring that returning to activity does not threaten the health of other people.

The Australian Institute of Sport is an outstanding example of a government-funded research institute that puts athletes at the forefront of its activities. It is unlike any other institute in the world in that it brings together all aspects of training and research in one central location, ensuring that all the various departments can work in unison to protect public health. DFPO conferences are aimed at addressing the issues associated with COVID in sport and provide recommendations on how to prevent it in the first place.

Defence Force Psychology Organisation (DFPO) conference at the Australian Institute of Sport

A major conference held recently by the Defence Force Psychology Organisation (DFPO) at the Australian Institute of Sport has been devoted to the field of military psychology. The DFPO conference is designed to bring together academics and military psychologists to exchange research results. The conference aims to promote an understanding of military psychology and will be the first such gathering of its kind. There is a strong emphasis on applied research in defence, with military psychologists encouraged to undertake research as part of their higher degrees.

The conference featured keynote speeches by COL Anthony Cotton, former Director of Mental Health and DFPO, and Mr Andrew Cohn, SO1 and National Coordinator for Defence Families. Other keynote speakers included COL Len Brennan, Director of Health, Headquarters Joint Operations Command; RADM Graeme Shirtley, Surgeon General, Defence Health Reserves; CAPT Sheldon Williams, Principal Psychological Examiner; and LTGEN Scott Craig, Executive Officer, DFPO.


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