Looking to Buy An Air Conditioner In Tunisia? Here’s What You Need to Know

Purchasing a new air conditioning system is a significant investment, not just because it is costly but also because it decides whether or not you are comfortable at home. When people buy a new air conditioner, they expect it to run smoothly and efficiently, but this isn’t always the case.

Over half of all new HVAC systems are installed incorrectly, resulting in lower efficiency and shorter lifespans. Not only that, but comfort issues such as high humidity, airborne contaminants, and poor air circulation can arise. The most crucial day in the life of an air conditioner is the day it is installed.

Air conditioning is a need in most homes, regardless of where you live. Even in areas where the climate is relatively mild year-round, an air conditioner is necessary for a household’s comfort and health. Air conditioning not only keeps an interior cool but also circulates the air, reduces humidity, and filters hazardous airborne contaminants.

New units last 15–20 years on average; therefore, it’s a huge investment that you should thoroughly explore before making a decision. Even if your air conditioner is working, you could be able to save more money by replacing it due to newer systems’ better energy efficiency. 

There are various factors to consider if you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning system. We’ve prepared some useful tips for your search, whether you’re replacing an old unit or looking to buy a new one.

The size of your room

The size/capacity of the air conditioner should correspond to the size of your room. Choose an AC in Tunisia with the appropriate cooling capacity for the size of your room. It will not give sufficient dehumidification if it is larger; a unit with too high a cooling capacity for the room will turn off and on too frequently, and a smaller unit will cost you more in terms of energy consumption.


It is critical to properly install your air conditioning equipment to get the most out of it. A window air conditioner is a small unit that attaches to the windows. But, a split air conditioner includes a compressor outside the home and one indoor unit within the room that is specifically designed for better airflow. Ensure that the unit is installed by qualified staff or purchased from an authorised service centre, leaving no room for errors. The performance of an air conditioner is determined by how well it is installed.

Noise control

Noise is an important factor to consider when buying an air conditioner in Tunisia. The product specifications for each air conditioner include a noise level of operation. The noise levels should ideally be less than 50 decibels. An air conditioner that makes a lot of noise can disrupt your sleep and the sleep of your neighbours.

Inverter technology

An inverter air conditioner is worth investing in for consistent and superior cooling as well as energy efficiency. Inverter air conditioners in Tunisia are a little more expensive than standard air conditioners. Still, with one-third reduced power usage than non-inverter air conditioners, the extra cost is offset by around two years of lower electricity costs. In addition, brands are now developing dual inverter series, which contribute to greater cooling and accurate energy regulation.

Air quality

It’s critical to consider indoor air quality when installing air conditioners at home since having an AC with a decent filter is critical for improving indoor air quality. Air filters are now integrated into most air conditioners, which remove odours, smoke, and pathogens from the air. In addition, a good filter ensures clean air and improves AC cooling performance and efficiency by preventing dust from clogging the evaporator coil.

Blower fan size

The blower fan is an important part of your air conditioning system that all users should know. The blower is placed on the inside of your air conditioner and is in charge of blowing air to your system’s ductwork, which then allows the air to be distributed throughout your home. The stronger the airflow of the AC, the larger the blower size. Suffocation is avoided thanks to the airflow provided by the blower. The blower guides the airflow in the room in various directions.

Condenser coils

To cool the air, AC condensers require coils. Copper coils are popular because they cool quickly, are easy to maintain, and last a long time. In addition, when compared to aluminium coils, they offer better heat exchange and anti-corrosive qualities.

Easy to clean filters

Keeping the filters clean can save you up to 5%-10% on your energy bill. Filters are included with the air conditioners to keep your room free of allergies and other toxins. Ensure you can easily clean the filter, which you’ll need to do regularly to keep the machine in good working order. Pick up easy-to-remove-and-clean filters to help your air conditioner last longer.

Air swing

Instead of circulating the cold air in one spot, the ACs should circulate it around the room. They now have a variety of airflow settings and swing possibilities. The air conditioner can guide airflow in different directions across the space.

Technology and price

While air conditioners nowadays are filled with capabilities, one should choose an AC in Tunisia that is loaded with technology that caters to the user’s demands. It’s critical to stick with a well-known brand that offers all necessary features at a reasonable price.

Keep an eye on the warranty 

Longer warranties are available on some air conditioners. When buying a new unit, look up information on the manufacturer’s website and ask the retailer about the warranty for that model and brand.