Low back pain – causes and cures

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Poor sitting posture is one of the main reasons for lower back pain that affects millions of people worldwide. Low back pain is often chronic, and there is no definite cure to the problem if you are using traditional treatment with medications. Medicines might help to relieve pain temporarily, but it would recur soon and keep persisting. It happens because conventional pain relief treatments fail to address the problem’s root cause and mask the symptoms only. On the other hand, chiropractic care ensures that the pain goes away with minimal recurrence chances because the treatment aims at curing the problem from the root and leaves nothing to chance.    After undergoing chiropractic treatment, it is necessary to abide by the chiropractor’s follow-up therapy coupled with exercises, posture correction, and diet modification, which prevents the recurrence of pain.

What causes low back pain?

Low back pain can happen suddenly or might develop over time. When you practice some wrong body movements repeatedly for many years, it can lead to low back pain. Poor sitting or working posture stretches the pelvic region’s muscles too far around the spine, which damages or even tears the muscles.  When you over-stretch, it causes a sprain, which damages muscles and the ligaments, the thick bands that bind the muscles to the bones.

It might be difficult to detect the cause of low back pain because the origin of the pain is different from the point where you feel the pain. Most of the low back pain originates from the stomach side of the spine because of the damage or stress to the psoas muscle, which is a hip flexor muscle. Chiropractors know how to loosen flexor muscles to cure the pain.

When you are sitting, the muscle comes up and flexes which shortens the muscle and develops stress. Chiropractors are aware of the conditions and use proper spine manipulation techniques to release the stress and make the muscle long again, thereby alleviating pain.

Conditions that can cause low back pain

Low back pain results from muscle sprain and strain, which can happen when you twist your spine while lifting heavy objects.  Abrupt movements like a fall can stress the muscles of the lower back too much and cause pain. Sports injuries, especially in sports that entail a lot of body twisting or body contact games with large forces of impact, cause muscle strain that develops into low back pain. Most people who work on the desk suffer from low back pain due to practicing poor posture for a long duration that stretches the hip muscles and cause pain.

Chronic low back pain

Treating pain early under chiropractors’ guidance ensures quick and long-term relief, but delaying the treatment can lead to chronic low back pain that will take a longer time to recover. Chronic low back pain is different from freak low back pain because it occurs from disc problems, irritated nerve roots, or a joint problem.

Regardless of the type of low back pain, there is a sure cure for it when you go to a chiropractor.