Men’s multivitamins with iron: Are they worth your money?

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For any men out there looking for easy ways to look after themselves, it can be hard to know what is – and isn’t – a good solution for your health. We know that it can be tough to work out exactly what your body does and does not need. We also know that you can see numerous products on the web which purport to make you feel better. One of the most common options for this includes multivitamins with iron.

However, especially when it comes to men’s multivitamins with iron, there are some questions worth considering regarding their usefulness.

Do multivitamins actually work?

This is a topic that has come up time and time again for many years. Read enough articles in newspapers and you can be convinced that all vitamin and mineral supplements are a waste of time. However, the problem with multivitamins stems from two things: branding and lifestyle.

Buy the wrong brand of multivitamins, and their input to your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) is going to be a fraction of what you need. Buy the right brand, though, and they can give you enough of a top-up to help balance out your life. For many people, though, the problems with taking multivitamins stems from the laziness that it can create later on in their life.

For example, many people who get used to just popping multivitamins with iron will do so and continue to do so. That is fine. What happens, though, is some start to disregard the importance of still eating a healthy and balanced diet. They start to eat more processed food and more junk food in general. Why? Because they believe that their multivitamins give them enough of a boost, and therefore they don’t actually need the other stuff.

This is not only a foolish endeavour, but it will cause many other health issues for you down the line. The best way to maintain some kind of balance and benefit from multivitamins with iron is to actually eat a happy and varied diet. Don’t rely on the multivitamins for all of your nutritional intake.

As a small booster and as a means of getting something you don’t get much of, they are fine. As your sole intake of nutrition and vitamins, though? That would be a major mistake.

Is it OK to take a multivitamin with iron?

Yes, you are totally free to take them so long as you get a medical professional to check you over first. However, as we have noted above, depending on the brand and the actual quality you might not be seeing any kind of legitimate benefit or bonus from the multivitamin with iron.

Normally, it is better to take individual supplements for each vitamin or nutrient that you need – or better yet, get them in your ordinary diet.

Should I take multivitamins each day?

This is a common question, and one that you definitely want to know the answer to. For the most part, we recommend that you take multivitamins only if you cannot find a means of getting each vitamin and mineral that you can find in the packaging from elsewhere.

So long as you diversify your diet a touch and make sure to expand eating habits, you should be able to find enough variety purely from the food that you eat. For the most part, multivitamins with iron are not likely to give you the solution that you need. A standard men’s multivitamin with iron could help you out, but taking it every day is not going to be enough of a substitute for eating a healthy, varied diet.

Iron in particular is a major part of a male diet, so you should be looking for everything that you can get your hands on to make sure that you start eating a bit better. Red meats are a good source of iron, but you will find many vegetable products that you could eat which are high in iron, too, such as spinach, kale, potatoes, mushrooms, and palm hearts.

Eat enough of these and you can often find that the nutritional uptake from your multivitamins with iron won’t be able to compete.

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