Moving company business Plan Template

It’s easy to command someone who does not know the ABC of a particular business to develop a business plan but in reality, it’s hard and such tasks should only be given to the professionals.

It’s better to dig a little deep into the business idea and develop a rough business plan yourself. It will help the professional to come up with the best business plan.

Researching and meeting existing successful moving company owners would help you develop a plan. Here is the draft of a complete moving company business plan that will help you in writing one.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is the first most important part of the business plan after the company’s name and contact information. It tells the audience why they need such services and why this business is established. It should also include some points on the targeted audience, competition, and of course your expectations.

The explanation should be short but convincing.


This point just explains the executive summary in detail. “You attitude” should be adopted while identifying the customer’s problem, their solution is movers Baltimore md.

At the end of this heading try explaining why your services are better than the other competitors.


Explain how you are planning to execute your marketing and sales plans. How are you going to reach the audience? How your company is going to seal the sale deals. Impressive writing will convert the reader into buyers.


Describe where your office is located? How much space do you have? What software your company is using to provide efficient services. Since it is all about moving companies, most importantly what equipment and vehicles do you use to provide moving services.

Milestone and metrics

This point gets the most customers’ attention as it explains what the company has achieved in such a short time. Do not forget to mention why these milestones matter to you and how you are using it to upgrade your services.

Company Overview

Get a little more in detail if it’s a sole proprietorship firm or partnership. If it’s a partnership, introduce your partners. Give credits to your advisors and your hardworking team in the end.

Financial plan

Explain what you have achieved and what you are aiming for with the help of profit and loss statements and projected balance sheets. You can get more in detail by publishing the cash flow statements as well.

Remember! A business plan is complete when it contains an executive summary, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, organizational charts, company valuation, market research, product and service description, profit and loss statements, three-year objective, management team, fundraising support, break-even analysis, and profitability analysis. Make sure you are including all these above-mentioned points in your business plan.

This all is based on my knowledge and experience. I’m not an expert but I have developed the understanding by working with some well-known professionals in my area. To write a more impressive business plan search for movers New Orleans or moving companies New Orleans business plans I bet they have the impressive ones.