Mr. Beast Revenue Breakdown

Mr. Beast is known online as an American YouTube Philanthropist. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He created YouTube channels to upload videos that have been viral with more than 20 million views. He is the second highest paid YouTuber of 2020 according to Forbes.

He has 17 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views on his videos. Talking about his revenue generation, he makes $30 grand a day for a total of $11 million a year. This is not the only income he generates. Take a look at what other income sources he is earning.

YouTube ADS

These are those advertisements that pop when we are watching his videos or when we are playing the games he made. As there is a cost of every advertisement that is shown in between the videos. In numbers, it is 10 million pages a day that his channels display. Now, while calculating the pages popping while the game is 6.7 million pages a day. That’s impressive!

This is all calculated with the help of CPM (Cost per thousand). It is a marketing term for the cost paid by an advertiser per one thousand advertisements on a web page. Mr. Beast is paid $7 per advertisement popping on his web page.

To calculate the revenue per day this is the formula used :

AD Revenue = Page Views x AD Rate

= [(10620361+6758736)/1000] x7

= $127 per day

Per month = 127 x 30

= $3.6 million

Per year = 3.6 x 12

= $43,795,000

Well, the numbers are to really spectacular. This is not the end of hid revenues yet. There are other sources too from where he is earning lump sums.

Brand Partnership

Brand Partnership is another way of marketing a product by a company. It is done by sponsoring their product for usage in the video. In his recent video, Mr. Beast got sponsored by Honey. He sponsors the brand on both his gaming and main channel.

He gets $150,000 per sponsorship. This means he generates $396,000 of revenue per month on just the gaming channel. While on the main channel, he gets $390,000 per sponsorship. This is calculated to $522,720 per month. Making a total of $918,720 a month from brand sponsors.


Moving to the merchandise of Mr. Beast, he has tees, joggers, hats and hoodies. Not to forget some brand partnerships with Nike and Champion are done by him. He earns approximately $6 million dollars per month.

The question here arises, how he is able to spend so much merchandise. To make this happen, he follows some strategies. He personally signs the tees sometimes and makes a video of signing them. He even makes the merchandise a part of the donation, which makes it easy to sell.

Mr. Beast Burgers

Mr. Beast launched this as a virtual food brand in December 2020. With the help of this virtual restaurant, Mr. Beast is able to help the restaurants that suffered in the Covid times. To make this happen, he partnered with the Virtual Dining Concept. In this, they partner with restaurants to make their food and sell it. This helps the restaurants to earn a profit of 30% more than they are earning.

Since the launch of its menu, he has sold more than 1 million chicken sandwiches. He makes $720,000 per month by just selling the burgers. Initially, he even distributes $10,000 with each order of the burger. Making it more attractive for his fans to rush for grabbing the burgers.

To sum up, he makes $ 1.2 million from the advertisements, $918 million from brand sponsorship and $6 million from merchandise. To be more precise he earns $8 million as his monthly revenue. Talking about the yearly revenue, it will be $100 million approximately.