MRF Cricket Bats – Biggest Range

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MRF Cricket Bats are one of the most popular brands in the market today. This brand has several leading brands like bats from India, bats from Pakistan, bats from Sri Lanka, and even bats for the West Indies. Each bat is manufactured with a unique style and their own features. Let us take a look at all the MRF Cricket Bats and their features.


The bats from MRF Cricket Bats are lightweight and quite strong. The lightweight feel allows the bats to perform well during an intense game of cricket. They will make the overall performance of a cricketer better as they will be able to bowl out the ball with a lot more confidence. For instance, a low-priced bat that feels light and willowy will enable the batsman to bowl out the ball at an accurate rate. They are also designed to provide maximum support and comfort to the batsmen.

Virat Kohli Bat

Among the bats manufactured by MRF Cricket Bats is the Virat Kohli Bat. Virat Kohli bats have an outstanding rate of success and popularity among cricket fans. This is because they are not only durable but also come in a wide array of styles. The Virat Kohli bat was initially manufactured by MSF before it was sold to MRF. As a result, this bat is used by players like MSF,anga, and Peter Moor. Some of the bat models produced by MRF include;


Another bat model manufactured by MRF cricket Bat is the Willow Bat. The unique feature of this willow bat is that it comes with a finger guard which is positioned along the front of the handle. It is said that this willow bat helps to increase the “swing rate” of a player. Some of the willow bats are manufactured using traditional methods while others are constructed using new techniques.

Cricketer Preferences

The weight drop bat is another bat model manufactured by MRF. Many cricket players prefer to use this type of bat for their training sessions. The weight drop bat is often used for batting practice because it is easy to bat effectively without the use of any additional weight. Cricket enthusiasts also often use these bats during tournaments. However, some players do not use weight drop bats during tournaments because they feel that the bat is too light.


Another bat model produced by MRF that commonly used by players during tournament matches is the mRF Virat Kohli Bat. This is a medium weight bat that measures between twenty two inches and twenty five inches in length. It is one of the most popular and widely used cricket bats in the world. They features a fingerguard which helps to improve the strength of the player’s grip. It is also notable that the Virat Kohli bat is designed to help players bat in various conditions.

MRF’s biggest range

MRF’s biggest range also includes two models which are called the Gray-Nics with an overall length of twenty two inches and nineteen inches. These are made from high quality materials and are known to produce some of the best batting performances. The other model is called the White-Nics. It measures twenty two inches and has a weighted front so it can be comfortably carried by anyone. It is one of the few cricket bats produced by MRF that comes with a genuine leather grip so it can be easily used by players.

If you want to get kitted up with the best brand in the market, then make sure you check out the cricket bat range. With their help, you can improve your game and score a lot. Make sure you check out the best online store since there are a number of online stores that sell MRF products. So, why not select from one of the best brands and get kitted up with the best cricket bat in the market?

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