Parkour Records That Have Never Been Broken

Parkour has come a long way to deserve its recognition of the general public. Developed by the French army in the last century, parkour has worked its way to the streets of almost every country of the world. The success of the sport is easy to explain.

It is a unique way of moving around the city. It is not easy to master, it looks spectacular, and it can be very challenging at times. This is why now parkour becomes an internationally recognized sport with numerous competitions and records to set.

Overall, there are dozens of parkour records that have not been challenged by this day. To set a new record in parkour is difficult and dangerous to the point of life-threatening. However, when someone succeeds in setting a new record, it is always a celebration of the human body’s abilities and capacities. Parkour records show the true power of a man’s will and determination. Let’s see the top parkour records that have never been broken.

Dinesh Sunar and his three world records

Any kid who is trying to learn some basic parkour moves for the first time will know Nepal’s parkour king. Dinesh Sunar is a parkour athlete who has set two parkour world records. Interestingly enough, Sunar is completely self-taught as the culture of parkour did not reach Nepal at that time. Despite it, he set his first world record in 2017 by doing 18 twisting back-flips against the wall. He completed them within one minute.

His next record was set a year later when he beat his own world record. He repeated his stunts with now the back-flips off the wall. Though, this time he did 16 of them in only 30 seconds. Now, that record is still in the Guinness Book of World Records. It hasn’t been beaten since. Sunar’s third record came a year later. In 2019, he beat his first world record in performing the most twisting back-flips off the wall, however, this time in 30 seconds. He did 11 of them! The Guinness Book of World Records came to Kathmandu to register the achievement.

What’s even greater about this whole story is that Sunar is a police officer in Nepal. He uses his skills in parkour for good and helps his city with occasional use of parkour, just like a true superhero would do. He can be quite an inspiration for the kids, to be honest. Any parkour kid can no longer tell, “I better pay someone to do my homework online, cuz I have lots to practice this week.” They know that it’s possible to keep up with the practice and be a policeman at that same time.

Lorenz Wetscher

The Guinness World Record of Lorenz Wetscher’s has never been beaten yet, though it was achieved back in spring 2015. Wetscher, the parkour athlete from Austria, set a new world record in making the longest standing jump between two objects. Wetscher did a record long jump that made 3.15 m or 10 ft 4 in. The athlete was only 17 years old at the time.

However, three years later, he succeeded in extending his previous record to 30cm or 11.9 in. Though, despite doing the jump in public during a TV show, the record was not officially registered. Thus, it’s possible to say that his first record was never officially beaten yet. Wetscher is still into parkour and other sports, so the time will show what else this talented Austrian can give to the world. You can use a speedy paper discount code to learn more about the existing procedures of registering a world record.

Ryan Luney

Ryan Luney is a famous British parkour athlete. He set his Guinness World Record in 2016 by performing the longest reverse vault. His record is 4.06 m or 14 ft 3.8 in. It was Luney’s long time dream to set a world record. What’s more, Luney is also interested in fire-breathing. He managed to combine those two passions of his and set three more world records that include fire breathing backflips, sideslips, and full corkscrew flips.

He did 17, 12, and 11 of them in one minute, respectively. This is a mind-blowing parkour achievement that did not take place before. By this day he is still a record holder, which is a double achievement if you ask me. You can research how many people actually stay the record holders for life, if you want. All you need to do is to find professional academic writers and ask them, “Can you write my essay cheap?” It’s that easy.





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