Pink Diamonds – The Rarest Diamonds in the World

Pink precious stones are quite possibly the most costly and uncommon jewels. Despite the fact that precious stones come in various tones, pink is the most uncommon sort, making them a young lady’s closest companion. The Darya-I-Nur, which is the biggest pink jewel on the planet, weighs 185 carats.

It is not, at this point so unusual to see jewels in various tones, as they are getting more in vogue than their white partners. But since pink precious stones are so uncommon and costly, most goldsmiths won’t ever see one, substantially less own one. Be that as it may, there are a few diamond setters who have figured out how to get something other than one of these uncommon gemstones. With the present current treatment strategies, it is feasible to adjust the shade of precious stones.

Of all the largest diamonds in the world, there is only one that is in the top 66, although there are a few other famous Argyle pink diamonds Australia, showing just how rare these diamonds are. It is only in recent years that the Argyle mine in Australia has started to produce a large number of different colored diamonds and among them are the rare pink ones. Not surprisingly, the increased availability of these rare stones has increased interest in them, as well as increased demand, and as such the Argyle mine now produces 90% of the world’s total supply of pink diamonds.

You may be wondering by now how expensive a pink diamond is. With exactly the same qualities as an almost white stone, the cost of a pink stone far exceeds that of a colorless one. Diamonds: even those that have been enhanced to look pink are more expensive than whites with the same qualities. Obviously, the ones that are naturally pink are more expensive than the improved ones and it is the ones with the deepest pink color that have the highest prices, since with any other color there are different degrees of pink, but they are the ones that have the deepest color for extraordinary prices. The world total production of natural pink diamonds is estimated to be only 50 to 60 carats per year, which shows how rare this stone is.

You may be thinking, what’s all the fuss about diamonds when there are rubies or pink sapphires to choose from? Sapphires, even the most expensive ones, don’t have the same kind of brilliance that only a pink diamond can produce. And although sapphires are a very strong stone, they still cannot match the hardness of a diamond, which is why you don’t see sapphire cutting machines used in industrial settings.

These incredibly rare pink diamonds are truly amazing to look at and an even greater joy to own. As with all diamonds, the value of a pink diamond can be increased by the jeweler’s cut and the setting to which it is presented. If you’re feeling generous and have a special reason to celebrate, what better way to say I love you than with pink diamonds? Shop for quality jewelry diamonds and discuss your diamond concern online at argylediamondinvestments.com.au