Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner and Building Manager Needs to Know

Most plumbing issues generally crop up without any prior warning. Your property consists of a complex network of pipes, appliances, and drains. They are set in place to make your day to day life more comfortable.  


When they crop up, plumbing related issues have to be taken seriously. Imagine you wake up and notice that your entire basement is flooded. All your boxes of family photos and high school yearbooks would be destroyed.


Homeowners often overlook things that aren’t visible, and all plumbing systems are mainly invisible to us. However, just like every other thing in your house, even plumbing systems are subjected to regular wear and tear. 


To avoid disasters like these from taking place, you need to get in touch with plumbing professionals like us at Rapid Plumbing Group to carry out routine inspections. Here are a few essential plumbing tips that every homeowner should know about:


  1. Get Acquainted With Your Water Main


The water main is the primary point where the water reaches your house. It’s often located in the basement beside the water heater. You will see a shut-off valve (a wheel or a lever), which stops the flow of water to your property when turned off. If you carry out a major plumbing project or have a leak or burst pipe, the first step to take in such situations is to switch off the water main.


  1. Figure out How To Deal With Clogged Drains


As a homeowner, you may have to deal with blocked drains in Penrith sooner or later. While we shower, our hair falls down, which slowly starts to build up in the drains over time. Most property owners consider using liquid drain cleaners to fix these situations. However, this is a mistake.


Although it does seem like an easy fix to a vexing issue, you should avoid using these cleaners.  These chemicals present in these products can have a significant impact on the plumbing system. In case your tub or sink keeps backing up, consider using a drain snake or a similar tool to get rid of debris blocking the pipe.


  1. Monitor the Water Pressure


Water pressure is a crucial part of a healthy plumbing system. Similar to how to get our blood pressure checked while visiting the doctor, you should consider monitoring your property’s water pressure. A standard pressure gauge may prove to be helpful. However, in case you need a modern solution, you can consider installing a smart home water monitoring system. This enables you to detect leaks, check your water pressure, and track the water usage of your property.


Some Tips 


Here are a few additional tips homeowners need to know:


  • Clean out the gutters as regularly as possible
  • Know when to replace your water heater
  • Fix leaking faucets immediately
  • Install a working pressure reducing valve
  • Take care of the garbage disposal
  • Protect the pipes from cold
  • Look out for signs of water leaks


By following these crucial tips, you reduce the chances of dealing with plumbing-related issues. For more information on plumbing tips or services get in touch with us at Rapid Plumbing Group. You can call us at 1800 172 743 or fill in this Contact Us form and we will get back to you shortly.