Post-graduation in Singapore: What international students should know?

Singaporean universities take great pride in having a strong research focus and maintaining extremely high standards of delivering education. Most universities in Singapore have strong connections with the global business industry. This implies that as an international student, you will be able to gain practical experience alongside earning your qualification.

It also signifies that it is surely going to be easier for you to find employment more easily, making your time as an international student more interesting. This bog will give you a deeper insight into why Singapore is referred to as the perfect destination to advance your studies with a postgraduate degree.

You know what? Besides having a well-developed educational system, this nation is famous across the world for providing lucrative opportunities for international students. Today Singapore is recognised as a ‘global schoolhouse’, at the same time considered one of the leaders in post-graduation studies both in Asia and worldwide. Education has always been a priority here, which started after the establishment of the British-based education system at Raffles Institution in 1823.

Singapore is a modern and vibrant island nation that has a rich and multicultural heritage. This is coupled with the number of world-class universities, which offers a cosmopolitan and fast-paced student lifestyle. Singapore has risen to become the most sought-after place of study for international candidates looking for a unique and contemporary postgraduate learning experience.

What else should you be aware of? Well, one thing. Singapore holds a diverse set of official languages, which are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Besides these, you can expect to encounter people speaking many other languages across the country. It is highly common for academic institutions to offer courses that delegated in English. Therefore, students coming from a non-native English speaking country are typically asked to provide evidence of your language proficiency.

More than just being a holiday destination, Singapore has grown to be a hub for global academic excellence. Here are a couple of more reasons why you should consider a postgraduate degree in Singapore:

  • Prestigious collegesSingaporean universities have consistently ranked among the world’s finest higher education institutions.
  • Scholarships– International students can apply for a wide range of tuition fee subsidy and scholarships options open for Singaporean programmes.
  • English as a language of instruction– The mother tongue of a majority of Singaporeans English, this is the same language in which Postgraduate courses are taught in Singapore.
  • Quality of life– Singapore is renowned for its cleanliness and low crime rates that make it a haven for postgraduates applying from countries.

Even if you are capable to study in English, living in Singapore can be a great chance to enlighten yourself about diverse cultures and become fluent on new languages. You will get the opportunity to communicate with industry experts and foreign students are an amazing way to prepare yourself for a bright career ahead. Apply to a post-graduate programme Singapore today to add outstanding professional skills that can make your resume look fantastic.

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