Why is Real-Time Engagement Vital for Brand Growth?

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Customer experience is equally essential as products or services offered by a brand.
Let’s speak about customer experience in general before we go into the real-time customer experience.

Marketers have been conditioned to conceive customer experience as a larger-than-life red carpet event for everyone who purchases from you. That, however, is incorrect (and almost impossible!) strategy.

Rather, we must recognize that consumers value an experience that is painless and low-effort.
Finding information on your website will be simple if it is user-friendly. If you provide self-service alternatives, you improve your customers’ ability to interact with your brand more fully.

Defining the Customer Experience in Real-Time Engagement

To begin, what exactly do we mean when we say “Real-Time Engagement “?
Simply stated, it’s when we interact with our clients in real-time to assist them to address their problems. The conversation may take place in person or over the internet, such as via a social media channel or during live commerce!

While real-time communication has grown simpler than ever, companies are still not very good at it. Consumers demand instant gratification from online platforms, but only a few businesses are equipped to provide it.

It’s crucial how fast you react online.
Take a look at the response rates by industry, for example. Brands have not prioritized the real-time customer experience.

Improve customer engagement in real-time with live shopping

The connected customer, above all, wants to be greeted where they are. Regardless of the media or technology.

Remember that Live Shopping is the single most powerful Real-Time Engagement option available to any brand today. Live commerce also offers the greatest line of communication with consumers and prospects in real-time.

Make it a point for your consumers to feel heard, valued, and understood by your brand. Improving real-time client interaction can benefit your total customer experience rating in the short and long term.

The context and prior contacts with a client on one or more channels may occasionally influence engagement. This typically takes the shape of customized information, such as suggestions based on past searches, advice based on-site behaviour, location-based special offers, and so on.

This strategy is the most effective way to provide a customized and engaging experience. Of course, with the proper tools and technology in place, but more on that later.
Customers may preview how an item of apparel would appear in motion via dynamic “catwalk” films, which help online fashion and cosmetics businesses achieve high conversion rates and reduced return rates.

Live shopping or live video shopping is much less expensive to produce than scripted video material. All you’ll need is a decent camera, a peaceful environment, and a reliable internet connection.

Here are a few examples of how Livestream shopping may help you directly interact with your audience.

  • Live video shopping or Livestream shopping may help your audience feel like they’re a part of your brand, which can lead to increased loyalty.
  • However, make sure your live shopping shows are interesting and engaging. Show people various moments and locations during a live shopping show as you go around the arena.
  • Even if you’re Livestream shopping for retail, don’t leave the camera in one place. Move the camera about the room now and then to keep your audience interested.
  • Organize Q&A sessions with influential figures in the business. These may be for staff engagement, customer engagement, or both.
  • If you own a travel agency, for example, you might arrange an interview with a well-known local of a famous tourist location.
  • Behind-The-Scenes- Make behind-the-scenes videos available to your followers. Live streaming for retail might be a look at how a product is produced or how your workers celebrate their favourite team’s sporting triumphs.
  • You may also show product photoshoots if you’re a tiny e-commerce business to establish trust.

Approach a fun way to show off your company’s culture and recruit new employees.

Customer Engagement in Real-Time Is Crucial

Customer loyalty and connections are built by focusing on real-time customer interaction. It’s critical to keep in touch with consumers regularly. It’s one of the most genuine methods to make consumers feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

As a consequence, client loyalty, trust and credibility will be easier to earn. That is worth its weight in gold in today’s loud world of limitless choices.

Leveraging a live commerce platform particularly if you’re a retail business, is a novel concept. Customers can ask their questions in real-time and their concerns could be addressed on camera.

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