Recent Latest Tech News and Trends 2020

Here are a few quick updates on tech topics that have been circulating among tech sites and communities. We rounded them up for you for easier consumption.

Missing Charger and Earbuds – iPhone 12

The latest iPhone model released has no accompanying charger and earbuds. Apple claims that it wants to reduce its carbon footprint since many users have already existing Apple iPhone accessories from their past or existing iPhone devices. It a profit-increasing tactic disguised as corporate advocacy? People have various opinions related to this issue.

The online audience has claimed that its biggest competitor, Samsung, poked fun at the issue through its social media post of a charger photo along with text that reads “Included in your Galaxy.” The said trolling isn’t new, as it is also said to have poked fun against Apple in earlier times regarding other issues.

But online rumors and speculations arise, saying that Samsung may follow suit in releasing its Galaxy S21. The removal of such accompanying mobile device accessories is fairly new. Hopefully, manufacturers won’t progress to batteries being not included.

Quaternary Camera – The OnePlus 8T

With only a few days separating it from the release of the iPhone 12, the OnePlus 8T is not hyped as much as the iPhone 12, but among tech experts and enthusiasts, the OnePlus 8T is a delight as it brings forth an attractive quaternary camera feature. There are other notable features when it comes to overall comparison, but the closeness of the prices (with OnePlus 8T being $50 USD cheaper) is what made tech enthusiasts decide to compare the two.

Increase in Tablet Sales

International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that the worldwide tablet shipments expanded in the September ending quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year. With the pandemic forcing distance learning among students and work-from-home setting among companies, the demand for this mobile tech in order to facilitate the continuation of education and business has increased. Apple is in the lead of sales while Samsung comes in second.

PS5 Arriving, PS4 Discontinued?

With the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 5 or PS5 console from Sony on November 12, many are questioning the fate of the existing PlayStation 4 or PS4. According to the media giant, it won’t retire the PS4 console any time soon as it predicts that the PS4 will continue as the main driver for profitability and engagement until 2022.

With that, games are still going to be released and updated on the PS4, but there will be games developed only for the PS5, too. Also, PS4 game discs are playable on the PS5.

Among Us – The Rise of a 2-Year-Old Game

It can be quite hard to predict the what, who, when, why, and how when it comes to trends. Recently, the game Among Us by Innersloth. Inc. became popular among hardcore and casual gamers alike.

The multiplayer 2D game has been featured in various online streams, videos, memes, and other forms of content. But how did a 2018 game become so massively popular in 2020? It is said that Twitch streamer Sodapoppin popularized the game in July 2020.

Other Twitch streamers and YouTubers did the same, and now, it has caused the developers at Innersloth. Inc. to further enhance and develop the game instead of releasing a supposed sequel of the game. The game is available to play on Android, iOS, and PC. It is popular among various age groups and nationalities.

South Korea’s DWG Wins 2020 “League of Legends” World Championship

Last October 31, the finals of the League of Legends World Championship concluded with South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming or DWG as champion, beating China’s Suning team. With a score of 3-1, DWG takes home 25% of the prize pool, amounting to millions of dollars in cash along with the title. The e-sport event was held in Shanghai, China, and will take place again there in 2021.

Last year, China’s FunPlus Phoenix team bagged the 2019 League of Legends World Championship title along with prize money. The team won 3-0 against Germany’s G2 Esports team. The 2019 event was held in France.

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