Resume and LinkedIn profile writing: How Different Should They Be?

Resume and LinkedIn profile writing: How Different Should They Be?

A resume is the summary form of an individuals’ professional journey. It gives recruiters a brief idea about you and helps them know why you are the best fit for the job. LinkedIn one of the most popular job-hunting platform, also allows users to build a resume on the basis of details mentioned over there.

But, did you had a confusion like is LinkedIn traditional enough? Do, I need to change it? Well, LinkedIn profile writing and resume profile writing both serve different purposes. LinkedIn profile writing aims to help you expand your network whereas you use resume writing for an instant job search. First thing first, let us start with:

Resume writing

The facts of your educational background and previous jobs are mentioned. Next, in resume writing, we in nutshell explain our professional summary. Add your key achievements such as increasing sales or whatever fits in your line of service. Next, to build an instant connection with the recruiter use keywords that recruiters might be searching for. In today’s’ digitalized era, hiring managers many times use application tracking systems to shortlist applications. Make sure to use keywords to stay in the algorithm.

LinkedIn profile writing

LinkedIn profile writing on the fundamental level is similar to resume writing. You add your educational and professional details on LinkedIn. LinkedIn extracts this information and adds it to your profile writing. LinkedIn profile writing services help you to make it more professional and interactive Then you add the purpose of your job, do not forget to use keywords. These factors are similar in LinkedIn profile writing and resume. Let us move to how different LinkedIn profile writing and Resume should be!

How Different Should They Be?

  • Customization

We have a single LinkedIn profile writing that we use in multiple job opportunities. But, in the case of a resume, it is customized as per the job demand. In resume, we change our description according to the position in the job and mention how our qualification and experience is best for that particular position. Creating multiple profiles on a resume will create a lot of confusion. So, we have multiple resumes customized as per job opportunities and one LinkedIn profile stating our fundamentals. The single LinkedIn profile should be written in an impactful manner to target a broader audience.

  • Tone used in writing

LinkedIn targets the masses so while writing a LinkedIn profile we use a social tone. Here, you can select words that are more social, relaxing, and casual. The aim of a LinkedIn profile is to expand connections so the selection of words should be done accordingly.  Your bullet points and headlines should be catchy and effective.

On the other hand, in a resume, we input a very formal tone. The selection of words should be done wisely. Words should touch the recruiter and compel them to consider you as the best fit. The selection of words is the crucial factor that decides the strength of the resume. What you write should be relevant to the position you are applying for.

  • Details

LinkedIn provides more space to represent yourself and tell your story. You can mention your position and achievements in detail on LinkedIn. Though avoid writing long stories, as your recruiter might not have enough time to go through them.

Whereas in resume writing, you need to be very crisp and concise. Resume writing services mention details that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Hiring managers might refuse to read the long description, as they have multiple resumes available. A resume is considered to be a highly condensed form of a professional journey. In resume writing, size does matter. If you are a beginner you can put your details on a single page, if you have a good experience you can expand it more.

  • Static and dynamic

Once you mention your details in your resume and customize it as per the job position, you are done. You hit the save and send button, further you cannot make any changes. Hence, a resume is considered static. The moment you email your resume to the recruiter you cannot modify it further. So, be cautious while mentioning your details. Have a glance twice to make sure it is correct or you can connect to Resume writing services.

In the case of LinkedIn profile writing, you can update it regularly. It is a dynamic form that can be changed from time to time. LinkedIn profile is said to be ever-evolving, you keep updating yourself as you get degrees and gain professional experience. It is important to update your LinkedIn profile regularly to have a better network. You can engage on this platform to build a good reputation.

  • Your profile picture

A profile picture is not an essential requirement in the resume but if you want to optimize your profile on LinkedIn profile pic is necessary. Make sure to add a professional photo on LinkedIn. Your photo makes you look influential. Profile photos on LinkedIn work as the first impression. It is suggested to get your portrait taken by professionals or budding photographers, to add the professional fineness in your profile pic. If possible get a pick on your professional attire and have an optimistic look on your face. The background should not distract the viewer from your face.

Final Words

LinkedIn profile writing and Resume hold one of the most significant places in going through your initial selection process. Here, we have helped you to let know the difference between LinkedIn profile writing and Resume, to know more you can take the help of LinkedIn profile writing services.