Secrets To Magically Renovate Your living Space Post-lockdown

Are you looking forward to decorating your newly-bought or rented apartment? Or are you bored of the same old décor of your home after this lockdown?

Here’s a quick fix if you want to amp up your space on a budget. We have an envious collection of lamps and mirror designs fit for all budgets.

While perfect lighting can change the mood and appeal of the room in a jiffy, trust on mirrors to magically create a visual of more space even in a crammed-up setting.

So, if you want to purchase lamps online that add to your décor and also enhance the aesthetics, here is the list of lamps you must check out.

A glow-up like nothing before.

Get a ceiling lamp like an elegant chandelier or a simple pendant lamp to add a nice vibe to the space, or opt for a small table lamp for a concentrated glow from one corner of the room.

If you want to showcase your art collection, nothing is better than a wall lamp that draws attention to the wall instantly. Floor lamps are great if you get bored, since you can quickly shift it to a new place, but be sure to buy a bedside lamp if you are looking for a soft illumination while you wind down after a busy day.

While there is a huge variety of lamps online, you need to choose as per your motive, so be wise and select materials like wooden, brass, metal, or glass.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s a pro in home décor?!

Besides a lamp, another thing that can change the look of the room, be it a living area or a bedroom are mirrors. It can get confusing to select a good mirror design, especially after you have rummaged through our humongous collection, so let us provide some hacks to decide the one!

Size and mirror designs are two crucial things to keep in mind. Be clear of the purpose of the mirror; is it just a home décor item, or do you need it for getting ready before heading out? Likewise, filter out full-length or framed ones.

Next, decide on which room the mirror would be placed in. Is it the bedroom, with some fancy lamps around?

If it is the living space, you need to throw around some soft wall lights that accentuate the walls. You can even go ahead and put one in the dining area, and trust me your guests will appreciate it.

We have all sorts of mirror designs in all price ranges so don’t you worry. Try to coordinate the entire vibe of the room, and get all the décor of that space in a particular material and period.

Wooden round mirrors would go well with a wooden lamp, an antique large mirror with a floor lamp creating a sense of heritage, or go with a geometric shaped modern mirror design with an equally modern brass/glass lamp.

Be fierce or antique with your vibe, consider the wall colours, and just go for it. We have shared all the secrets of interior decoration, now take a call and get mirrors and lamps online that will blow your guests’ minds.