Selling Your Own Banksy Art Canvas

A: No one knows for sure if Banksy is stealing or just borrowing from other artists. Banksy’s art is definitely on a list of “Art for Sale” as he releases new art almost daily. Banksy’s paintings have yet to be for sale online, even though there an endless flow of traffic and more than 21,000 likes a day to his website. One thing for certain is that no one can copyright or patent a painting by Banksy, so no one can charge him money to put it on their website or in a showroom.

Q: Where can I buy Banksy paintings?

A: Banksy art can be purchased at any art gallery, or on the internet with many galleries available. However, some of his paintings have been displayed in the British Museum. The Tate Gallery in London owns a large selection of Banksy’s work. There are also companies that will sell Banksy artwork if you purchase more than one painting.

Q: Why does it cost so much to buy a Banksy painting?

A: His paintings usually run into the thousands, even into the six figures. It costs a lot of money to buy an original Banksy painting online or from a gallery. Many of these websites require you to pay a fee in order to gain access to their online gallery and artist’s website.

Q: How can I sell a Banksy painting?

A: There are numerous websites dedicated to selling Banksy art. These include sites like eBay, Amazon Auctions and Etsy. You can post bidding on a painting and if you win the auction you pay the seller and if you don’t win you don’t pay the seller. Auctions such as this can go anywhere from a few dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars for a Banksy piece.

Q: Where do I post an auction for a Banksy piece?

A: Most likely you will post an auction on your own website. Many people use websites like Craigslist to post auctions. This works well because you can list a price range and also include items you are selling in the description. Craigslist is also a great site to post an auction for paintings. Just be sure to be very careful with any transactions you make online.

Q: Can I hang a Banksy art canvas on my wall?

A: You can hang a Banksy painting on your wall but only if it is hanging according to local regulations. Each town has different rules on what can and cannot be hung on a wall. In some places, you will need a permit and in others, you won’t. If you plan on using a piece of Banksy art for decorating then you should look into renting a wall or getting permission to hang a painting on your wall.

Q: What are the benefits of an art gallery setting over buying an authentic Banksy piece?

A: The main benefit of buying an authentic piece of Banksy art is that you can work with a professional artist who can guide you in terms of size, subject matter, color scheme, as well as other important aspects of the piece. With an authentic piece you will also have a guarantee from the artist that the piece is authentic. This adds to the piece and makes it easier for you to sell on the market.

Q: Where can I find a Banksy art canvas?

A: You can find a Banksy art canvas in many venues both locally and online. You can also find many pieces on auction sites such as eBay. Be sure to check out a gallery near you to see the piece before you bid on it.