SEO Marketing For Business – The Ultimate Guide

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Are you new to SEO marketing? Welcome to the learning journey!

What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a marketing technique for businesses with an online presence – either small or large corporations.

Unfortunately, most people think implementing SEO in their business is a hassle and not worth their effort. It isn’t true. Learning SEO basics are simple and could help improve your business greatly. The good thing is that 57.8% of the web traffic will be coming from Google. And that makes it essential to have an understanding of SEO.

However, if you think having SEO basics isn’t enough to help you rank your website, you should think again. Unfortunately, most people who run websites aren’t aware of SEO or have limited understanding. This could be vital because you can easily beat your competitor, especially when you buy twitch viewers.

That said; what are the benefits of search engine optimization?

Let’s dive in.

  • Driving Traffic 

The most tremendous success of your business is high traffic that converts to customers. As a marketer or entrepreneur, how will you drive such traffic to your website? You need to practice SEO.

A higher ranking is a touted benefit to practicing SEO. The advantage of ranking high is because most people tend to click the top business on the list. So, ranking higher will drive more traffic.

  • Consistent Traffic

Higher rankings in search engines will lead to consistent and passive traffic. The good thing, this isn’t something you can experience from other mediums such as email marketing and social media marketing. These will results in traffic spikes but fade quickly and lastly have nothing left.

The reason behind that is because social media have been designed such that they have to surface fresh content. If you look at emails, they are marked forgotten, read or even end up in spam box.

The number of searches done on search engines is consistent from month to month; this makes traffic passive and consistent.

  • You Get Free Traffic 

SEO isn’t like paying ads; the traffic you get for your website is free. If you want to utilize it in your business, it’s a big deal because ads are expensive.

Perhaps, when you look for a blog that receives 400k visits every month, the traffic is free with SEO. However, for paid ads, that could cost probably $1m per month.

The downside is that creating content that ranks won’t be free. But it’s better because it’s cheaper when you compare it to ads.

How Should Your Website get on Google? 

If you focus on SEO, it will help your website to rank higher. Unfortunately, you can’t rank when Google doesn’t know about your website, whether it exists. You don’t report to Google that you have a website. It will find your website itself. However, there are vital benefits when you submit your website manually.

If you have a new website, it most likely doesn’t have backlinks from other authoritative sites. It will take time before Google discovers your website.

Avoid all hassles and improve your website. When you look at Google  Search Console, it gives recommendations on ways to improve and optimize websites.

Your first step to submit the website has a sitemap. It consists of files listing essential pages of your website.

The second step for you is creating a free Google Search Console account to submit to the sitemap.

How do you set up SEO for Success? 

When your website is indexed by various search engines means that you’re in the race. But you’re not likely to win. Therefore, you have to consider SEO because it’s an ongoing process, and when you do it well, it will increase winning chances.

If you have set your website for SEO, it will be easy to get SEO success. To do that, consider the following:

  • Get a good domain
  • Get a website platform
  • Use the best web host
  • Consider a logical website structure
  • Create an excellent user experience
  • Install SEO plugins
  • Consider a logical URL structure

Summing up, Google will rank the pages giving visitors positive experiences. So, you need to create a website that benefits users and should be optimized. This could help to make the user experience better. You can succeed by using HTTPS, choosing an appealing design, making it mobile-friendly, using readable font size, and avoiding intrusive ads or pop-ups.