SEO Services: Why Every Business Can Afford SEO

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Imagine a situation. You are cold at night. So you decide to buy a new blanket. There are two options available online. A cheap synthetic blanket and an affordable woolen one (there is a seasonal discount). Isn’t the choice obvious here?

If you insist on clarification of what we mean, here you go. You can still go for a cheap option to ‘save’ some money. As a result, you will still be cold at night. So, it turns out you flush money down the drain. Or, you can enjoy the discount and buy a quality product to keep you warm.

The same happens with SEO services. There are affordable SEO services and cheap ones. The analogy is picturesque enough. But let us distinguish the differences on a more technical level.

Cheap Offers of SEO Services Companies

Advantage: they are low-cost. Disadvantage: they are poor-performing. Do these agencies know how to do SEO? They do. But they neglect the crucial components of a successful strategy. It is a copy-paste template approach. So, if you invest in these SEO writing services, you are very unlikely to be warm at night. Sorry, to receive a return on your investment.

SEO Services Agency – Affordable Suggestions

The affordability of website SEO services depends on the marketing budget of your company. So, you draw the line yourself. But here are the advantages that will help you to make a decision quicker:

  • trusted service;
  • reasonable price;
  • measurable results;
  • performance-driven SEO research.

And here are also some tips for hiring an affordable SEO services agency:

  • make a list of potential local SEO services;
  • analyze their previous results;
  • interact with them to make sure they know how to do keyword research;
  • align your goals and get started.

So, can every business afford SEO services? Yes.

Benefits of Investing in SEO Research

Alright, you know you can. It would be great to understand why you should consider this investment.

Expanding Your Business Visibility

If a customer visits your website/social network page and they find the answer to their question without messaging you, that is a great result. And it is possible to achieve it with relevant posts, continuous updates, and strong SEO.

By doing so, you create a huge base of potential customers. If they like your content, they are very likely to subscribe. They may not need your services/products right now. But it is a matter of time before you convert them.

Increasing Website Traffic

We all have something in common. We hate lots of traffic on the roads and love it on our websites. And we cannot change the number of cars. But we can affect the number of visits to your page.

Step one. You should optimize your website for keywords people enter in search of related services. In plain language, you should add these word combinations to your content. And this is the only step you are making yourself.

Step two. People will find your website more credible and click on it more often. This is called organic traffic in SEO language. 

Step three. You notice an exponential increase in your website traffic.

Knowing Your Customers

An important part of proper SEO is site analytics. It helps you to understand who your target audience is and find out a lot of information about them:

  • what attracts them to your website;
  • how they behave there;
  • what elements they enjoy using;
  • what makes them stay longer etc.

Increased Return on Investment

SEO is a long-term game with minimum investment. In the future, your salespeople will know the exact answers to your customers’ possible questions. SEO marketing models pay off.

Enhanced User Experience

SEO services give you an insight into your clients’ behavior. This allows you to deliver on their expectations. SEO is multi-faceted. There is an element of psychology in it as well.

Increased Resources and Savvy

Professional SEO goes beyond knowing how to do keyword research. You will learn how to create valuable content, interpret data, monitor progress, and respond to new insights.

Start Small and Reach Big

If you are new to online marketing, you should start with the fundamentals:

  • complete content evaluation;
  • monitoring and analytics;
  • website technical SEO audit;
  • claiming Google maps location.

Just from these adjustments, you can experience a considerable boost. When you get used to the new level, you will find yourself ready for more. Then you could consider the following strategies:

  • social media marketing;
  • content marketing;
  • Pay Per Click (or other link strategies).

You can get a customized package of services from a professional SEO services company.

SEO Is an Umbrella Term

Site coding, link building, web design, blogging, copywriting, and many other processes fall under SEO. And even a newborn startup can give some budget to occasional posts or keyword-rich tags. This is what an umbrella term means. But we have found more similarities between the two notions.

Like umbrellas, SEO is simple. You can glamorize both this item and strategy. But they are straight and straightforward.

Like umbrellas, SEO is not just keywords. Nothing is keywords apart from keywords. Stuffing your page with them is not the best idea. Nowadays, SEO involves a lot of analyzing and getting to the core of user experience. Everybody likes Google. Professional SEO specialists know how to encourage Google like you.


We are not changing our minds. We are not going to turn everything mentioned in this article upside down either. Every business can afford SEO. But let us not contradict some common sense aspects.

Your SEO Strategy Cannot Break Your Overall Budget

Spending too much is a huge risk. You should invest in affordable SEO services and give your company time to grow and mature. And then, you can always add more money. But you will not have an opportunity to take back what you have invested in vain.

SEO Results Take Time

Do not expect overnight success after optimizing your website. It may be a good script for a movie. But yet, unrealistic. You should plan your budget for the next 6 months minimum. Keyword research and content creation are initial steps. To be efficient, they need content promotion later. So, it is important not to misinterpret SEO and not to have false expectations.


You Should Track the Results

It is important to understand and assess your performance. The minimum you could do is use Google Analytics. This is a free tool to monitor your progress. Of course, it would be much better if you could invest in additional tools for this purpose. Greater insight into your SEO strategy performance will bear fruit in the long run.


Joe Calvin
Joe Calvin is a Blogger and an SEO professional. Co-founder of Bigmixseo, I have 2 years of experience in SEO & 1 year of Successful blogging @ pantheonuk.org. I have a passion for SEO & Blogging, Affiliate marketing, & to invest in high trading stocks. " Sucess is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of Enthusiasm."