Pizza is probably the best dish that mankind has ever invented and its craze does not seem to go anywhere for the time being. People would prefer pizza over their usually boring meals any time of the day and there is no harm in that. They are delicious and have almost everything that you need for your complete nutrition. If you are stuck at work and did not get the time to have lunch at your favorite restaurant because you had too many things to do, then you must order a pizza, and if you need help with what kind of pizza you should order then take a look at the following Canadian pizza toppings which you can ask for while ordering it.


An immensely popular option which you can also consider when it comes to ordering a pizza with a topping that would open your taste buds to a world of delicious flavors. The texture of mushrooms used as toppings in a Canadian pizza makes this otherwise bland tasting edible a highly sought-after pizza topping in Canada.

      2. ONIONS

Now, it is obvious that you do not want your mouth to smell bad and that is why you would keep a safe distance from onion as a pizza topping. But you must believe us when we tell you that onion pizza topping is a great alternative to freshen your mood because the flavor of baked onions is certainly going to leave you craving for more. Also, baking the onions vanishes the smell that could have been a major problem for you and your colleagues

      3. SPAGHETTI

This one is a rather new and interesting addition to our list of Canadian pizza toppings. The catch here is that spaghetti in its processed form is used as a pizza topping or stuffed inside the pizza by covering it with a layer of melted cheese. This pizza topping saw a huge demand among Canadians upon its introduction and is still a popular option when a person wants to have a good pizza time. You must order a Canadian pizza with spaghetti toppings to freshen up your work-ridden mind whenever you get the chance to do so.


A classic example of pizza toppings is popular in not just Canada but all across the world. Black olives are preferred by a lot of individuals because of the nutritional values they have and the flavor that they add to the pizzas. You must go for it if you want to go for a simple yet delicious pizza topping. The bonus advantage of black olives toppings is that it is easily available and you would not have to waste your precious time on finding a pizza joint that has this pizza topping available. Therefore, it would be wise to order a black olive pizza if you want to enjoy something which will not take a lot of time in preparing, delivering and eating.

       5. CAPSICUMS

This green vegetable is used in not just pizzas but many other food items as a key ingredient to providing a flavor to them. Capsicums as pizza toppings is an extremely viable and tasty option that you can trust whenever you are craving for a delicious and affordable pizza. Capsicum slices of different colors are spread evenly across the pizza base and then bathed with mozzarella cheese which makes this pizza topping an excellent option for you to order at the office.

        6. CHEESE AND CORN

Mozzarella cheese and corn are used together to top them on a pizza base so that you can have a good time with the pizza you have ordered. It is a simple but extremely tasty pizza topping that has made a lot of people a fan of it.

        7. BACON

Canadians love bacon and what possibly could be better than getting a pizza that has bacon as its toppings? You must order this variant of Canadian pizza for yourself whenever you are hungry and want to treat yourself with a pizza so good that would leave you mesmerized with its taste.

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