Six Swimming Games And Adventures To Maximize Summer Fun

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Summer is just around the corner, and everyone must be thinking of visiting water pools. You will need to plan how to beat the heat and keep your kids entertained. Kids will insist every weekend while the grown-ups will look for safe places and games to play. Visiting swimming pools and playing swimming games and adventures will outperform all the other wandering thoughts in your mind. We have collected a list of swimming games and adventures to keep your kids entertained at the pool. Read this article to the full, and you will get valuable insights into which games you should play in the pool.

Swimming Games and Adventures:

Swimmers of all ages can enjoy a hot day at the pool. They can play creative and funny games to beat the heat and create a memorable experience of the visit. There are countless games swimmers can play at the pool to maximize summer fun. We have compiled a list of the most commonly played games. Keep reading to know more about these games!

1. Underwater obstacle:

Underwater fun is associated with the games you play, and an underwater obstacle course could be the best choice. Creating rings underwater and allowing swimmers to swim through these rings will test their skills. What about adding a little competition? Swimmers will work hard to win the game and enjoy their time to the fullest.

The swimming rings boast adjustable air chambers where kids can stay at different depths. Moreover, they can swim under, over, through, and around these rings to test their swimming skills. With this game on the list, it will be a day well spent.

2. Swimming with dolphins:

Have you ever encountered dolphins in real? If not, this summer could be a great chance for you and your kids to swim with these human-friendly bottlenose mammals. These lovely creatures will amaze you with their acrobatic skills. From sweet vocal notes to jumping and splashing on the water, dolphins are great to swim with.

Are you interested in taking your kids on this amazing adventure? Book your swimming with dolphins Dubai tickets today and pay a visit. The encounter is kid-friendly, and you should allow your child to make a lovely bond with these water creatures.

3. Marco polo:

Another interesting game that kids love to play is Marco polo. Swimmers need blindfolds or blacked-out goggles to swim through the water with closed eyes. The kid with closed eyes is called “It”. “It” will be in the water with eyes closed and counting to the number of their choice.

As soon as “It” finishes counting, the other kids will scatter around him. “It” will call “Marco,” and the other kids will reply with “Polo.” “It” needs to tag the other swimmers replying to their sound signals. The one who is left at the end will be the winner.

4. Airball:

Airball games will keep the swimmers busy, and it will take some effort and stamina. This game aims to keep the ball in the air and do not let it touch the water surface. The game can be played with 3-6 players with a ball.

Players will jump through the water to keep the ball in the air. The ball should not touch the water surface, and players should jump like professional athletes to keep the round-up. Once the ball touches the water surface, the round is over.

5. Pool tag survivor:

Another survival game for kids underwater is pool tag survivor. One swimmer will stay at one end of the pool while others at the other end. The player will yell out a command to the other swimmers, and they have to complete the task without being tagged. Following are the commands the player will give to other swimmers.

  • Dolphins: They should swim like dolphins over the water surface.
  • Froggy: Froggies will swim underwater in the middle of the pool.
  • Submarines: Submarine swimmers will swim across the bottom of the pool.

The one who makes it to the other end of the pool without being tagged will be the winner. Kids should keep playing until one becomes the winner.

Safety note: Froggies or submarine swimmers should come up for breathing to avoid any mishap.

6. Octopus tag:

The game is easier at the beginning, but it gets harder as it goes on. One player will stay at the centre of the pool while others swim through him to make it to the other end. They should go without being tagged by the octopus (the middle player). Anyone who gets tagged will join the octopus by joining hands.

The octopus gets bigger and bigger as more players are tagged. The game is fun, and kids can enjoy it to make their day memorable.

Encounter dolphins and have a nice time with them!

Swimming with dolphins is great fun, and everyone should taste it at least once in their life. Visit dolphinariums and play with these funny water creatures! The mammals will establish a lovely bond with you as they are eager to befriend us.