Top Benefits of a Career as a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

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Are you passionate about helping people and making their lives better? Then, you can consider pursuing a board-Certified Behaviour Analyst career as it offers you the opportunity to serve children with autism and elderly people going through post-stroke therapy.

Delivering a better life to those who don’t have any other way will give you a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, the jobs offer other major benefits that you look for before deciding your career. 

However, reaching this position takes time and effort since you have to get the certification to apply for the job. In addition, you need to join the required curriculum and the BCBA supervision training. But all your dedication and efforts will reward you with an amazing career experience. Apart from giving you real job satisfaction, below we outline some benefits you get as a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst.

1. Flexible Schedule

BCBA has the freedom to choose a feasible schedule depending upon the field they are working in. For example, if you choose to work as a school therapist, you need to work on school days and receive the same benefits as school teachers. Likewise, even in community centers, your working schedule will be the same as school teachers. However, serving as a home therapist will demand you to work in the evening for families, including children.

2. Salary

The salary depends upon various factors like education, experience, and location. For example, the salaries of beginners in the field could be around $25,528 – $50,862. On the other hand, experienced BCBAs and those having master’s degrees earn a lot more than entry-level salaries with other benefits.

3. Job Security

Researchers state that the cases of children with developmental disabilities increased in past years and are expected to be rising in the coming years. Therefore, the demand for this professional will also rise in the coming years. For example, in hospitals, schools, and therapy centers, plenty of career opportunities will exist globally. Moreover, you can start your own business as BABC.

4. Gratification seeing Tangible results

You have to evaluate the behavior patterns of the people, you monitor. You analyze the information regarding their behavior and then decide the required recommendations to bring the desired changes. In this way, you help people eat well, communicate properly, and lead them to live better lives. On seeing the impactful outcomes, you get gratification and drive you to do more in the coming time.

5. Helping children with disabilities

The individuals who passionately enjoy taking care of others, especially children with disabilities, get the chance to serve humanity. However, kids with autism are vulnerable, and their parents don’t know how to handle them, and sometimes even they start stressing when they fail to understand the needs of autistic children. Then comes the role of the BCBA, who is trained to understand and deal with their behaviors. A BCBA can improve their life experiences and relieves parents’ stress.


Becoming a BCBA not only feeds your passion for helping others but improves the lives of others also who don’t have any other way out. All you need to do is get the right education to reach your goal and enter the most demanding career.


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