Decorating a spare room can be a challenge, you want the room set up well for when you have guests over, but it seems wasteful to only use the spare room for when you’re hosting guests, so most people want their spare room to double up and also act as another room like a home office, a film room, an extra living room or a maybe even a home gym, whilst it’s not occupied by guests.

While it makes sense using your spare room as a multi-purpose room, decorating becomes a bit tricky when you do this. Some design elements that work well for a bedroom, won’t work if you’re using the room as an office when it’s not occupied. So how can you strike the perfect balance for having a multi-purpose room?

Multi-Purpose Storage

In a multi-purpose room, it makes sense to have your storage to also have multiple uses, spare rooms are great for storing important documents, out of season clothing and family heirlooms as these rooms are often rarely used but having dedicated storage for everything would quickly eat up all the room’s floorspace.

So, you should opt for multi-purpose storage solutions, so that you can store all of your items, without storage units dominating the floorspace. It’s a plus if your storage can double up as something else, for example: lots of beds can be made with storage built into them or you can buy storage units where the top of the unit is a chair, this helps you use your floor space more efficiently.

Versatile Blinds

For when you have guests staying overnight, you want blackout blinds in your spare room to block out light from outside and create a nice, dark sleeping environment. But if you want to use the room during the day, blackout blinds will leave the room very dark and leave the room looking a bit dingy.

To counteract this, you’ll want a more versatile shading solution in your spare room, such as made to measure double roller blinds. Double roller blinds have two individual blinds connected to one unit, with one of the blinds being dimout for use in the daytime so the room doesn’t get too dark and a blackout layer for the night time when you want the room to be dark. Double roller blinds are a great solution, which allows the room to be used during both day & night effectively.

Sofa Beds

If you’re having guests spend the night in your spare room, you’ll need a bed to for them to sleep in. But beds are usually quite large and can use up a lot of your valuable floor space, which can be inconvenient when guests aren’t frequent and you want to use the room for other purposes.

An easy solution to this, is to get a sofa bed for your spare room, as the bed part folds out, you’ll have less floorspace used by the bed when guests aren’t over. As well as this, you can use the spare room as an extra living room with a sofa bed, by using it like a normal sofa throughout the day, this works especially well if you have a television in the spare room, making a nice little TV room for your home.

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