Spruce up your living room décor with small and elegant essentials

Most of the decorative ideas and elements are embedded into the décor of the living room. Since it is the room that needs to look the most ‘presentable’ as it hosts all the family members and the guests, the way this room is spruced up is given a lot of thought and planning. Each item that goes into the room is well-thought and planned. From the flooring to the tiles to the sofa set to the TV unit, everything is placed in such a manner that it complements one another and looks like a whole unit. 

Smaller aspects that glam up the room – The living room is often the recipient of several different other aspects like a type of figurine, wall clocks, showpieces, hanging lights, chandeliers, etc. These decorative elements are often personalized or meaningful to the people in the home. For example, showpieces given as gifts, an heirloom from the grandparents, or a souvenir from a place visited with family or friends are often the ones that are displayed with pride and enthusiasm in the living room. Not only the pieces of décor but also the stories associated with them help bring about a sense of beauty and charm. 

Types of showpieces – Even though these are smaller items, if they are not present, the look of the room seems empty and deserted. You can choose between different types of showpieces. Among the most popular choices would be the antique showpiece for living room décor that many people choose to buy. Even with an overall contemporary aesthetic look, antique showpieces are charming. 

  • Dhriti Boat Showpiece – Tales of voyages can be narrated as you gaze fondly at this showpiece kept on the mantle or the TV cabinet of the living room. Recall your travel tales or take inspiration from this boat and plan them in detail.
  • Titlie figurine – This beautiful showpiece is bound to capture your heart not only with its colors but also with its overall structure. How amazing would this structure look in your home would only be seen once it is in your home! Don’t wait anymore!
  • Lotus showpiece – For nature-lovers, this super elegant piece will look great next to the sofa on the coffee table. It is an instant eye-catcher as the beautiful wavy stems and the golden buds look graceful. 
  • Cluster Elephant showpiece – Elephants are a big deal in India. There is a certain level of love and respect associated with this mighty animal. This particular wooden piece would be a gamechanger when added to your living room décor. 
  • Maya leaf figurine – A metallic piece that would complement both, a modern décor or a rustic one can be placed on the TV cabinet or even behind the sofa set. Since it is tiny and elegant, it looks good when kept anywhere. 

The best part about showpieces is that they don’t have to constantly be in one place. You can keep switching their locations to change the look of the room. Even between rooms, different showpieces can be shifted. Purchase these affordable items under one roof and decorate your living room in the best possible and most elegant manner. Enjoy the necessary frequent changes as you shift these figures and showpieces within your household.

Joe Calvin
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