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If you do not know English or your language is minimally affected, you can take a free course in English. The course starts for beginners, so the child (with the help of adults) can take the course and become a fluent speaker and writer. Lack of speaking ability. You also need to be able to write in English so that you can communicate differently. This will be useful for you if you love or plan to visit an English speaking country, especially if you want to do business in that country.

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Grammar lessons in online English courses start with the basics. You will learn to use an important verb in English. In this tutorial you will hear and read short presentation dialogues and then show how to use these verbs. The words used in the lesson also have a list of words and the grammatical exercises give a short sentence which should include the correct verb. Then you can take a quiz on how you did it during class. Although the main focus of the lesson is on the addition of the verb B? You will encounter other aspects of the language, such as the place of the verb in the sentence, the substitutes used with the verb, the punctuation marks at the end of the sentence.


English Online Test are like a block. Each lesson is designed to help you in the next lesson. You can always review the content, complete the exercises and quizzes before the concept becomes easy to understand. There are also listening exercises with the subjects, so you can enter the secondary diet by listening to English speakers.


It is also interesting to learn online with many games and other resources. Games are part of learning English, even with local speakers. Words and word games add to your vocabulary with thousands of words.


As you continue the course, you will find that you can use a lot of resources, such as reading short books in English. You can test your speech by recording it, comparing it to the speaker of a paragraph. Read a newspaper, learn to write an article or do research, get important information about the weather, campus life and daily conversations about your family. Of course, you know the language very well, how to use it when communicating with others while taking an English online course. However, you need encouragement to continue learning, so whatever the reason for learning English, you have to stay in your thoughts.

After completing this course, you can contact the instructor if you need any help other than the course provided in the tutorial. You will be able to interact with Gotest course participants, and they may be people from other countries, making you new friends. So you can communicate in English to enhance learning. You also have friends who can learn from each other.


The main focus of learning English is to learn the rules of spelling, including where and when to use capital letters, how to add different punctuation marks, prefixes and prefixes. The use of double vowels in English is different from other languages ​​because there are no two letters in the English alphabet. When adding the end of a word, you will know which letters to repeat. Do you like to join the hit? Strikes


The next part of the online course will help you to learn different concepts with simple introductory lessons. Each of these lessons begins with a conceptual dialogue, which you can listen to and read with a printed version of the dialogue. The tutorial also includes keyword words that will raise the level of the English dictionary.


For English students, as sophomores, when they start a course, they find that it is slowing down because they have to try to translate English words into their mother tongue. Therefore, they search English words and can access a dictionary that knows any language, including Chinese and Korean.

To understand what a paragraph is, an audio course is also offered online, listening to the first short paragraph and answering comprehension questions.