Steps on planning the perfect wedding

The time has come for you to tie the knot, and you will be experiencing the most excruciating task of your lifetime – it is to plan for your most significant life event. Yes, you got it right! It is time to prepare for your wedding!

The tricky part about weddings is that everyone who’s planning for it is inexperienced. Yes, you got it right. Indeed, no one wants to be experienced at weddings, do you? Everyone wants it to be only once in a lifetime and never have to repeat it ever again. Because this is the first time you are planning, you certainly need lots of help when planning for your wedding! This is when expert service for weddings come into place!

In this article, we will start by guiding the entire process of getting married to make your marriage an everlasting blissful one. You will need to know these crucial steps to make it excellent for you.

Are you ready to go through this fantastic experience to make your wedding memorable for you and your partner? If you are, do take down some notes as you read along and say it repeated in your head. You want the best for the once in a lifetime event of your life, so you want your wedding to be the best wedding you can ever have.

Sit back, take down notes, and we shall begin!

1) Plan the perfect proposal

So you have decided on who you want to marry—the perfect girl who is your dream girl you always wanted. As the saying goes – a marriage proposal means the world to a girl. You want to have the best recommendation for her!

There are many ways to propose your love to the love of your life! Some people choose to have an extravagant proposal where they spend tens of thousands on it and invite their whole group of friends to witness it. Some prefer to spend an intimate time on this and making this the best and quiet proposal ever.

If you are ever in doubt about making the best marriage proposal, you can visit this blog by Musical Touch, where they wrote about Proposal Ideas Singapore that you could take advice from!

With this help, you can definitely get the best way to start your wedding planning and married life!

2) Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Band

She said yes! Next, what should you do? The next big thing to do is to hunt for the perfect wedding band that you can have!

A wedding band is a symbol of love for the both of you, where you will be saying out your wedding vow in front of your solemnizer. You want to have a pair of wedding bands that you will feel proud wearing, do you?

There are many kinds of wedding bands out there, ranging from the type of gold or white gold to choose from, the designs, the shape, and whether to have diamonds on them. The next thing is to choose from is the different brands of the wedding band you can choose to buy from. In Singapore, there are dozens of trustworthy brands to choose from!

If you search for the perfect wedding band, you can count on Musical Touch’s blog on the top Wedding Bands Singapore has to offer! You want to read this article to get a good headstart in planning for your wedding!

3) Get the perfect entertainment for your wedding!

Next, you are holding your wedding ceremony at a posh hotel or a restaurant. You are inviting hundreds, or if a big wedding, thousands of guests. You certainly want to ensure that those coming to witness your big day’s event get entertained with the best entertainment ever!
There are many kinds of entertainments available. Some include getting magicians to perform magic tricks, while some get comedians or dancers to perform!
In our view, the best kinds of entertainment are to engage a wedding live band to perform for your wedding. The reason is that Wedding Singer Singapore has many outstanding singers from a company called Musical Touch! They offer the best Wedding singers in Singapore!

What’s more is that when you are getting wedding singers to sing for your wedding, they will also include song dedication slips where guests can dedicate their favourite songs for you! In the falls, there is also a message section where guests can write personalized messages on them!

You definitely will want to make this the most memorable one for you and your guests, do you?


There you go! This is a summary of the steps you should take to plan for your big day of your life – your big wedding day! Just remember one thing – your wedding is a two people affair. You certainly want your spouse to also enjoy the entire planning process, so do bear in mind that decisions made need to be from the BOTH of you.

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Do also remember that your wedding planning is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. Always remember your wedding vow to stay loyal and truthful to each other, and you will experience a lifetime of bliss and happiness in your relationship.

For the guys, do remember this catchy phrase – Happy wife, happy life. We believe you have heard this before, like many others, but many times, people do not fully grasp the idea of this. Do note that this works!

For that, we will end with the saying – Happy planning for your wedding! Do remember that this is the biggest day of your life and your wedding needs to be entirely significant for the both of you. Please keep this marriage sacred and stay loyal to each other. You will be entirely dependant on both of yourselves for the entire life! You will need to forevremaintafaithfulal and be truthful to each other!

Happy planning for your wedding, and god bless. Take care and be blessed!

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