Instagram Strategies for Boosting Your Health & Wellness Business

Social media is known to be a wonderful way of marketing your health and wellness business, expanding your brand, and acquiring new clients. Instagram is predominantly a visual platform that has been gaining phenomenal popularity since its inception way back in October 2010. Instagram is a platform that offers high-quality and high-resolution images. Moreover, we know that Instagram helps in facilitating communication via pictures. We know that social media users particularly, Instagram users are increasingly depending on wellness & fitness brands and influencers. They are relying on the authentic information provided by these Instagram wellness accounts and health influencers.

As per Forbes, you should realize that motivation and inspiration represent just a portion of the role played by social media from the health and wellness perspective. Instagram and other such popular social media platforms have become a reliable source of education and information associated with fitness and wellness. In this context, you must know that over 40 percent of users have indicated that data and information available on popular social media platforms impact the manner in which they approach their fitness, health, and overall well-being. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active users. The immense popularity of this versatile platform implies that you could use Instagram for boosting your health and wellness business or fitness practice. Let us explore ways to boost your health & wellness business.

Set Up a Professional Instagram Account

Instagram is a great way of promoting your health & fitness brand and getting a massive following online. It is never too late to start using Instagram to promote your health and wellness business. It is best to create a business account that remains open to the public so that everybody has access to your Instagram account. This should go a long way in boosting your brand’s online awareness, promoting your health and fitness brand, and getting a massive following on this powerful and versatile social media platform.

Once you have successfully set up a professional health and wellness Instagram account, you may focus on sharing high-quality pictures of workouts, nutritious foods, motivational quotes, health supplements, and interesting behind-the-scenes moments of running your fitness business or health & wellness business. You could start relatively smaller and then allow your health & wellness account on Instagram to evolve consistently while you gradually become far more comfortable with this versatile social media platform.

If you keep your account setting to public, new users would be having free access to your account. You may gain many new followers. More and more new users would be viewing, liking, and engaging with your Instagram posts. If your health & wellness account is set on a privacy setting, new followers need to put in requests for following you. Moreover, you would be required to approve each and every follower manually. Furthermore, if your account is on a privacy setting, all your Instagram posts will not be appearing when users are searching for precise hashtags. You would end up missing out on opportunities to get new followers or new clients. In this context, you must know that now you could buy 20 Instagram likes by seeking professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company.

Focus on Being Authentic

It is best to be unique and authentic. It pays to be the way you really are. Social media is the best platform to reveal to your followers what is it that makes you special or unique? Here are some tips for injecting your brand’s personality into your professional Instagram health & wellness account.

  • Include something unique about your health & wellness organization.
  • Connect actively with your followers but in an authentic manner on your Instagram Stories or Insta feed. You should demonstrate to your followers that you are pretty relatable.
  • Your followers should be treated as a community and not simply followers. They should be regarded as real people who may consider investing in your health or fitness services someday.
  • Focus on nurturing Instagram relationships. Keep responding to questions and comments.
  • Do not hesitate to get personal. Even though you wish to appear, hardcore professional, remember you are not only a health and wellness professional but you are also, an individual in your own right. You may not solely depend on Instagram posts that concentrate on nutritious eating only.

Focus on Using the Best Hashtags for All Your Posts

Choose some of the best hashtags as they may help in dramatically boosting the overall number of targeted people who see your Instagram posts. If you are having an Instagram account that is open to the public, even if somebody follows you directly or not, he or she can see your images while searching for a specific hashtag.

Choosing hashtags necessitates some practice and slight trial and error. The best thing is that once you type a particular hashtag, a list of similar types of hashtags keeps popping up. It is best to opt for hashtags with a remarkable number of Instagram posts, however, do not choose a hashtag with excessive posts. It should not be so saturated that people won’t find your health and wellness business. While posting an image, you must focus on adding hashtags that clearly express what you do, for example, #nutritionist, #healthcoach, or #personaltrainerlife after posting your comment.


Health and wellness professionals are increasingly leveraging the power and versatility of Instagram as a social media marketing platform. Simply setting up an Instagram business account is not enough, you should have a creative and clear marketing stratagem for your health and wellness Instagram account. Once you have chalked out a robust marketing plan, you could consider sharing authentic and valuable information so that you could focus on retaining existing customers and attracting brand new followers.