Strategies in Social Networks, their importance in digital marketing

The importance that Social Networks have acquired as part of a Digital Marketing plan or strategy cannot be denied. Every day, it is more evident that users prefer to use Social Networks to share experiences with other Internet users about the products and services they have purchased.

Brands that do not have a marketing strategy in Social media marketing Networks are outside the vision of consumers. Little by little, those companies that do not interact on Social Networks are being ignored by consumers and facing difficulties to achieve their commercial objectives.

What Role Should Social Media Play in Your Marketing Strategy?

Apart from being a promotion engine and a sideboard for brands, Social Networks have become their customer service department, since by this means consumers express their dissatisfaction with the brand and what they require from it to satisfy their needs. Therefore, a brand that carefully plans its marketing strategy on Social Networks can take advantage of the two-way communication channel to respond in a concrete way to the requests of its customers and thus reinforce its image both on and off the Internet. Have you checked your company’s networks to make sure there are no unanswered contacts, complaints or questions?

Although for some, networks help in customer service, for many other entrepreneurs the main concern is how to make Social Networks generate more business and for this it is also necessary to develop a strategy. There are sectors where networks can be used to attract prospects, but there are others where the role of social networks is more to position the brand and gain market authority.

Network Monitoring should be part of the Strategic Plan

Companies that do not have continuous monitoring of what is mentioned in Social Networks about their brand, do not have the ability to respond to their customers and therefore create discontent, damaging their image online. Considering the above, having a presence in Social Networks is one thing and a marketing strategy in Social Networks is quite another, that is, it is not enough to have the brand’s profile created in the most popular Social Networks and publish by occurrence, without a strategy and without consistency, it is necessary to make a strategic plan to take advantage of the benefits of the networks.

You can start the definition of the strategy with a digital brand manual

The Marketing strategy in Social Networks begins by defining who you are going to talk to, what you want to say, what you want them to do and from there establish all the tactics that will generate the results. The management of social networks must pursue an objective aligned to the company’s strategy and the digital marketing strategy, it should not be something left adrift or improvisation. A good way to start a marketing strategy on Social Networks is to develop a Digital Brand Manual that defines what is pursued, establishes the goals to follow and guides the team members on what to do and what not to do.

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