Taking Care of Children at Home – Types of Respite Care Services for Children

There can be many reasons that your child may be suffering from health conditions. It can be a long-term disability or a short-term illness. Either way, it adds extra responsibility on a parent’s shoulders and can get them worried sick. The sudden knowledge that your child will need extra attention can also add to stress and disruption in your daily routine.  

Many reasons can make it difficult for you to look after a sick child at home. You can be a working parent or looking after the elderly at the same time. In this scenario, you can always go for the option of getting extra help with pediatric home care services

Respite Care Services

Respite Care is a short-term service provided by nurses or caregivers to give you a little break from caregiving or get back to your other duties. Respite care services for children can be of two types – Formal and Informal. Let’s explore these in detail. It is better to plan ahead of time the type of service you require as many home care services have a long waiting list. Knowing the kind of service you need will ease the process for you. 

Formal respite care services include:

  • In-home respite
  • Center-based respite care
  • Community access respite care
  • Short-term respite care

In-home care is when you need someone to look after your child for a short time (few hours, overnights, a couple of weeks) and allow a caretaker into your home to look after the child. 

Center-based care offers services in a group or day-care, allowing your child to engage in activities, programs, and take them for outings. 

Community access care involves a set of activities that will allow the child to grow and learn. It will help them gain skills that allow independent living. The activities will be community-based, where the child will help a neighbor or take part in a social activity. 

Short-term care will require the child to go and stay at a residential care home for a limited time. 

In the case that these formal services are not what you can afford, but still looking to catch a break, check out these informal services. 

Informal respite care Services include:

  • Asking help from family or friends
  • Care during Vacation or Camps
  • Mainstream Child Care

Many pediatric care services include support programs that allow your children to go out on vacation and school trips. A caretaker will be with them during this time and help them take part in fun-filled activities so they don’t feel left out. A few community organizations are funded by the government and run camps for children with special needs.

Mainstream respite care includes care centers for families of children with disabilities and special needs, where they include them in daily activities and allow them to grow and learn in a functioning environment. 

Can I Find Home Health Care Services Near Me During an Emergency?

Can I Find Home Health Care Services Near Me During an Emergency? Respite care services are also available during a time of crisis and in emergencies. You will easily find a variety of options for your child’s needs depending on your location. All you need to do is provide the home care service with the information they need (how old is the child? What kind of attention they need?), and you will find these near your home. You can also book a respite care service in advance so you can be catered to in the case of emergencies.