The Most Important Facts About Online Tutoring At A Glance

Why is StudyMind Online Tutoring So Effective?

The online tutoring enables you to plan and book the tutoring lessons at short notice and flexibly. At the same time, our qualified tutors offer effective individual care for your child in the virtual classroom. Whether you are learning arithmetic, science, grammar or languages, our online tutoring offers the right functions for all areas.

Tasks can be solved using a whiteboard, while the student can communicate with the teacher using a webcam and microphone.

In this way, the tutor can specifically help where deficits arise.

Learning about the innovative platform is fun, easy and at the same time very effective. Your child also saves time and energy, as no heavy school books have to be carried back and forth.

Does my child need tuition or when does they need help with exam preparation?

Since the wishes and goals of the child come first, it is of course up to you to decide when and whether your child needs tuition. So, first of all, you should ask yourself whether you yourself have the necessary know-how to help your child with their learning. If you find that you are overwhelmed with it, or your child is dissatisfied, you should seek help from an experienced tutoring institute.

Especially when you realize that your child is unable to concentrate at school due to a full schedule and a lack of free time and can no longer keep up with so much of the subject matter, it makes sense to seek help. Our tutors not only fill in the gaps in knowledge, but also show how targeted learning works, so that preparation for upcoming exams is also successful.

How does the success control take place?

Of course, you also want to be kept up to date with online tutoring and to know whether your child is making progress in learning. This is not a problem, because there is always a regular meeting between the tutors and parents. In these discussions, the goals and needs of the child can be precisely defined and the tutoring can be tailored accordingly.

At the same time, of course, we also try to answer all your questions and always find the right solution so that success in learning can be guaranteed.

For which subjects is online tutoring offered?

In principle, the offer of online tuition does not differ significantly from that of ‘normal’ tuition. We also offer tutoring for all students of every class and for almost every subject via our learning portal. Whether elementary school, secondary school or high school; It is our goal to prepare every student as well as possible for upcoming exams and to ensure that no student gets left behind in their ‘weak’ subjects.

It does not matter whether you need A-level chemistry tutor, is it arithmetic in math, solving formulas, or grammatical weaknesses in English or any other language. 

Benefits of StudyMind Online Tutoring

Benefits of StudyMind Online Tutoring

Benefits of StudyMind Online Tutoring


We offer an audiovisual and interactive learning platform with an exciting and timely live learning experience. The one-to-one tuition in the virtual classroom is individually tailored to each student and their needs. This is made possible by an uncomplicated technology for which all you need is a computer with an Internet connection, microphone and webcam.


We also offer tutoring online for every subject, every class and every student anytime, anywhere. Qualified tutors are available to assist your child. Depending on the student’s learning needs, the individual lessons are adjusted in length. The regular exchange of information between teachers and parents means that you can always check your child’s progress.


The online tutoring can be booked flexibly and at short notice at any time, so appointments can be arranged with the tutor as desired. This also eliminates travel costs and travel times to the institute. Online tutoring makes sense, especially before class work and final exams, as students need quick and effective help during this time.

Less stress & better grades

Make flexible appointments with your personal tutor and improve your child’s grades with our first-class online tutoring.

Online tutoring in just a few steps

  1. Contact us for detailed and individual advice on your situation
  2. You will receive a test access for the StudyMind online tutoring from us
  3. Conduct a free trial lesson with one of our tutors
  4. Fill out the order form to receive your personal access data
  5. Arrange your preferred dates and get started!

Online tutoring like in the institute

We have been supporting children and young people in our institutes and via our online tutoring platform for over 10 years.

Thanks to our many years of experience in our tutoring institutes, we know what is important in tutoring: Service, quality & reliability.

The best tutors for your child!

The best tutors for your child!

The best tutors for your child!

Trained, tested & experienced

 Our tutors are checked for their qualifications and trained by us. We’ll find the best tutor for your child!

Are you a tutor and want to become part of our team? Get in touch with us now. Good grades and good mood are a results of increase motivation and ultimately improve your child’s grades with the help of our tutors.

The tutoring models

In order to be able to respond individually to the student’s learning situation, a detailed analysis of the classification of your child is required. The lessons take place in small groups or in the form of one-to-one lessons. Knowledge gaps are systematically processed and closed. The learning strategy is individually tailored to each student in order to prepare them ideally for class work and exams. The innovative teaching concept by StudyMind enables maximum learning progress.

  • Individual support
  • Free trial lessons and non-binding advice
  • Student-friendly learning materials
  • Increasing the intensity of the lessons before exams
  • Documentation of the learning progress
  • Proven learning concept

One-to-one tuition online at your home

Since the well-being of the students is our top priority, it is particularly important to us to provide each student with intensive individual support and to tailor the lessons individually to them at an appropriate learning pace. Thanks to our effective learning concept and individual support, this leads to earlier learning success, which is particularly useful when preparing for upcoming final exams and classwork.

  • Individual and targeted use of our student-friendly learning materials
  • Significant time savings by visiting the tutor at your home
  • Conveying a safe and relaxed atmosphere by learning in a familiar place
  • Flexible and short-term booking of the lessons with the tutor directly on site