The 4 best places to put cameras in your home

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You should know that when placing a security camera in the home, it is key to take into account its strategic location. For that reason, today we bring you the four best places to install surveillance cameras in your home. But whatever the place you deal with, hiring a professional security camera services like security camera installation Jacksonville fl is recommended.

Whether you install security cameras by a professional or yourself, you will need to know the right places to get your vision right. These areas will depend on the security objectives you have in mind, however, there are certain specific points that coincide in being always ideal for the placement of surveillance cameras.

What is the best place to put a camera in your home?

To decide where to install the cameras, we must put ourselves in the place of the intruder or the person interested in entering the home. So, think that thieves are going to look for the simplest, fastest and least risky way.

  1. Entrance doors.

It is known that over 34% of the entry of thieves into homes is made through the front door. In this way, in order to protect the vision of the camera, it will be advisable to install it on the second floor or on the roof of the house with a view of the front door.

In the case of being a single-storey home, we advise to protect the camera inside a kind of metal cage, since this way we will be protecting it from blows or attempts to lose it. It will be a way to deter thieves or catch them in the moment and record details that may be crucial to their arrest.

  1. Rear doors.

Despite showing a lower percentage, we cannot forget that 22% of intruders enter homes through rear and side doors, so it will be a good option to arm these areas with surveillance cameras.

Again, it will be interesting to protect the camera and keep it out of the reach of any thief. In addition, we suggest those cameras that are resistant and that are equipped with night vision.

  1. Garden and patios.

Thieves often decide to enter homes through areas that are not seen from the street, since the possibility of being discovered is reduced. In this way, it will be advisable to monitor these areas with cameras that have a view of the main entrance.

Sometimes just placing a camera in view is enough to prevent an intruder from entering the home. And it is that, it is in the gardens and patios where we leave objects such as bicycles or gardening equipment that may be of interest to those thieves who want to sell quickly to get cash.

  1. Stairs and roofs.

There are many roofs that have small accesses to the interior of the house. It is a good idea to install cameras on stairs, small doors, windows or hatches that can allow unrestricted access to the house.

In conclusion, when installing a security camera, we must exploit the strengths of our home. Each home will show specific characteristics that will make it different, so having the help and advice of security professionals will always give us that extra quality and efficiency.

It is about covering the greatest possible angle, combining visible cameras with other hidden ones. You can also combine the use of cameras with the installation of a good alarm, as it will warn you at any time of the slightest attempt to enter your home without your permission.