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The blanket boxes are the ultimate storage solutions for the bed fabrics which include blankets, bedsheets and even extra pillow covers. They are mostly put at the end of the bed frame. The upholstered blanket boxes are the perfect boxes to place in your bedroom because they are available in different colour fabrics.

The upholstered boxes come in different colours but the most popular and common are the grey blanket boxes. The fabric of the boxes gives you the choice even to match them with your bed frame and other furniture and décor.

They offer you the storage solution, not only for bed related fabrics, like bed sheets, blankets, pillows etc, but you can also put your shoes and clothes in them. They are the stylish storage solution that adds to the beauty of the room. They offer storage without taking much space and their tops can also be used for sitting purposes.

Different Sizes

These boxes come in different sizes to fit according to the available space in your room. They are not only placed at the end of the bed frame, where they are traditionally placed, but you can also place them beside a wall where they can also serve as a sitting place.

Different sizes have different heights, widths and lengths. The height is usually 40 cm to 50 cm which is an ideal height for sitting. The width and length vary the most which give you the liberty to choose the most suitable and practical place for putting the box.

A Place for The Blanket Box

Choosing a place for the upholstered blanket box is also a very strategic job. If you have a big bedroom then you should place the box at the end of the bed. The matching colour of the bed frame and the box can be a good option in this situation

Placing the blanket box at the foot end of the bed makes it easier to take out of put in anything from the bed without getting out of the bed. But if you don’t have many places there then there are other options for the placement of the box.

If the room is not so big and your bed is already taking a lot of space, then placing the box at the foot end of the bed is not a very good idea. Maybe besides the wall can be a good place. The size can also be small and the colour can also be different from the bed. These boxes can be placed in the centre of the wall as well as at the corner of the room.

Things You Can Put in The Blanket Box

As the name suggests, these boxes are used to put blankets near your bed. But it is not limited to only blankets, you can put many things in there. It can be used to store toys and can be placed in the children’s room. You can also use it to put the clothes in it and in this case, it can be placed close to the wardrobe.

Upholstered blanket boxes can also be used to put cushions, towels, bedsheets, shoes, toys or anything you see fit for that. Using it as a toy box gives children the freedom to take out and put the toys by themselves as the lid of these boxes can be operated easily.

Long-Lasting and Beautiful

The upholstered ottoman blanket boxes are strongly built to last a lifetime. Their frames are made out of high-quality materials and can last for a long time. The fabrics used in these boxes are also of good quality which does not get ruined easy. They are so firmly built that they can be used for sitting and still serve you for a lifetime.

Besides being durable they are also very elegantly built which makes them any eye-catching article of bedroom furniture. With velvet or linen wrapping, they present an extraordinary look for your room. The leather boxes are also very much in demand and look amazing.

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