The unique fragrance of The Candle Oudh is created by combining the finest materials and crafting a fragrance that has become the benchmark for modern, contemporary fragrance. With the innovative work of master perfume scents The Candles Oudh is created in a manner that is completely different from any other fragrance.

The Candle Oudh delivers all the rich, exotic aromas of Southeast Asia to the consumer with an elegance and grace you would expect only from a master perfume. The Candle Oudh also incorporates the finest craftsmanship in fine leather, exotic spices, and a marvelous mix of aromatic flowers that create a unique scent that transcends language and ethnicity.

The entire formula of The Candle Trio Oudh consists of a blend of flowery notes, flowery Oriental floral notes, spicy rose notes and exotic oriental spice notes. The most popular fragrance being sold is The Candle Oudh, which has been on the market for five years. The Candle Oudh is presented in three different sizes, one being the big bottle version which is the biggest in the world and two smaller bottles designed specifically for men. The three sizes of The Candle Oudh can be found in all major department stores throughout the world and are sold for reasonable prices.

The major producers of The Candle Oudh include Clorets, Diamant, Durafe, Fragrance Art, and Edible Fragrance. A large number of international fragrance companies produce The Candle Oudh. The manufacturers use a unique double-bottle technique, the result being a fragrance which has an extended shelf life. The manufacturers also include multiple fragrance oils in the base which allows for maximum fragrance oils to be dispersed within the fragrance. The multiple fragrance oils are usually based on different plant sources, such as bergamot, sandalwood, and lavender.

The fragrance oils are chosen according to their suitability as fragrance ingredients and according to the strength they are desired to produce. The fragrance oils that are used most frequently include: geranium, rose, raspberry, vanilla, lilac, apricot, passion fruit, and rose. Each specific scent is produced in a manner which is different from the others, but in general, the fragrance oils used are combined in a base with sandalwood or an ambergris clay combination. The resulting fragrance is rich and thick with strong oriental and French accents.

The main components of The Candle Oudh are rising, which is a favorite of many women. The fragrance oils which comprise this essential oil are rose hips, rose petals, and peel. The resulting fragrance is long lasting and spicy. It is often compared to a geranium. The other components of The Candle Oudh include: musk deer, ambergris, sandalwood, vanilla, lilac, vanilla absolute and rosewood. This fragrance oil is another favorite of many women and it is often included in perfume sets.

The Voodoo Spell: The Voodoo Spell contains numerous scents blended. The main fragrance which is the most prominent is: Patchouli. This powerful fragrance is blended with cedar wood, vetiver, sandalwood, Rosemary, clove, patchouli, and sandalwood. This product has a very strong oriental and French accents.

The LaFarge De Provence: The LaFarge De Provence is a spray bottle designed by Christoph Reuther. The bottle is made of glass and contains a mixture of essential oils, resins, and waxes. The aromas which are contained in the bottle are: orange blossom, rose, jasmine, peach, Carnation, and lily. The fragrance oils which are included in this product are: apricot, peach, passion fruit, lime, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and lime. This spray bottle will leave your senses happy and refreshed.

The Scented Candles Of Geneva: The Scented Candles Of Geneva is a popular brand of scented candles produced by the legendary designer Giorgio Armani. The products produced by this company are known for their unique fragrances. The main fragrances offered by this company are: Omnia Crystalline, Omnia, Jasmine, Spearmint, Sicilian Nights, Pink Pepper, Moroccan Red Clay, Moroccan Green Clay, and Sandalwood. These scents will refresh you completely. The prices are very competitive and this brand will give you nothing but the best.