The Coolest Neighborhoods near Kings cross London

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King’s Cross in London is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to be in the city of Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, and the grand Buckingham Palace. You can find the best stores, eateries, and spots to chill, all within walking distance. But do you know about the fantastic places to visit near King’s Cross? Yes, there’s a long list that you can tick off each day. So, if you haven’t booked your tickets to London yet, what are you waiting for? The ideal way to roam the city will be with the excellent services of luggage storage kings cross where you can leave your extra bags. 

Head to Europe’s longest champagne bar. 

If you are visiting London, then you must not be a stranger to the exciting St. Pancras station. It is one of the most popular hotspots in the city. Searcy St. Pancras serves an exotic range of champagnes and wines. It overlooks the Eurostar’s train tracks from where you can sit and watch the passersby. You can have some of the most mind-changing observations and conversations here. The bar also serves British sparkling wine by the glass. Last but not least, if you genuinely enjoy drinking, you will love the ‘press for champagne’ buttons!

Does an underground gallery sound just as fascinating to you? 

Do you remember the breath-taking crypt scene from GoT? It was one of the most baffling scenes in the series. In the underground crypt gallery in London, you get a chance to experience something similar. It is spine-chilling. Located right under the St Pancras Church, artwork displayed here is worth a visit. It is interesting to note that the same crypt was earlier used for burials between 1822 and 1854. However, it was transformed into a gallery into 2022. Several art exhibitions are also held at this dynamic venue. 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Rush to Hogwarts!

How wonderful it would be if all of us could ditch the mainstream city life and escape on Hogwarts Express to a land full of magic. However, that’s not possible. You still stand a chance to click memorable pictures on the 9 3/4 platform. Left to the main ticket office at the King’s Cross Station, you will see a Harry Potter store full of brand-new merchandise. Additionally, you can click pictures at the trolley-based photo spot near this store. To post the best pictures on your social media, you can click professional photos with wands, glasses, and the Hogwarts scarves.

 Stay over at a prison. Well, not literally!

Staying at a luxurious prison admittedly sounds a memorable experience because it is something that you do not get to do every day. Clink78 is a hostel that the management has converted into a Victorian Courthouse. You can instantly book a private room in an old prison cell online. It is the perfect getaway spot for someone who wishes to enjoy the vibe of a secret place at a bustling and high-rated hostel. You can spend your evenings in the TV room or the ClashBar. 

Granary Square is always packed with diversity. 

Granary Square is a busy neighborhood near King’s Cross in London where you can meet people of different ethnicities and nationalities. It has more than 1000 fountains that are choreographed to dance all day and throughout the night. Thus, you can understand that there is never a dull moment here. To indulge in lip-smacking dishes and multiple cuisines from across the globe, you can find some of the leading restaurant chains here. For example, Caravan serves brilliant brunches while Dishoom serves authentic Bombay-style Indian food. 

The flight of steps leading to the canal is carpeted to make a comfortable seating spot during summer. Since London summer is the ideal weather to get those desirable tan lines, you can bask here. Keep checking online to find out about the regular events that take place at Granary Square throughout the year. 

Do you want to become a DJ? Try your hand at some retro!

Being a DJ is not an easy task because you need to cater to a varied group of listeners. Near King’s Cross, you can now challenge your inner musician and play some free retro hits. St Pancras Station has a free-to-play retro jukebox that is loaded with the top 40 singles of the last 50 years. Right near the Eurostar terminal, visitors can also find free-to-play pianos. The jukebox was installed after the piano’s success in entertaining the masses. You would be mistaken if you thought these are regular pianos. They have been played by legends such as Elton John and John Legend. 

Unusual museums can be quite educational. 

Granary Square is home to a House of Illusions that is a remarkably fascinating place for people of all ages. As the name makes it clear, the museum is full of different optical materials that will make you scratch your heads. Please note that it is the world’s first public gallery that promotes illusions with a permanent canvas of political cartoons, advertisements, and fashion designs. You can plan the ideal family time here with the masterclass and drawing workshops. Remember to use left luggage London services if you have too many things to carry. 

Let’s get Amsterdam vibes in London!

Last but not least, stroll along the Regent’s canal to see some of the fanciest and most colorful houseboats and lavish waterfront apartments. 

The scenic view takes you to Camden in 30 minutes, and you can also stop by at the canalside bars for a refreshing drink. The places mentioned above are all close to King’s Cross, so you can easily keep King’s Cross as your central point. It is a great idea to book a hotel or B&B accordingly. In case you are staying in another area, luggage storage kings cross can be a blessing where you leave your extra bags in the morning and then collect them when you are done for the day. In short, you can choose multiple storage packages to have a fun-filled exploration.